• Coby L. – Toronto, Summer 2018

    “My experience in my internship has been absolutely amazing and an excellent learning experience. I am interning for a small architecture firm in Tel Aviv called “K.O.T. Architects.” They specialize in designing projects and renovations in residential, large-scale commercial, and public spaces.

    During my time in the office, they let me lead and contribute to various projects and competitions. The main project that I have been working on is a small classroom that will be located in the Tachana Merkazit (Central Bus Station) of Tel Aviv. The classroom is being designed for a new start-up company that wants to teach ambitious youth high-tech programs and design software. The first people who will be using this new classroom are Muslims and Christians who have been persecuted by their countries of origin and are seeking refuge in Israel.  I personally think that this classroom is a microcosm of what Israel strives to be, and what Isaiah the prophet predicted thousands of years ago, that Israel will be a “light unto the nations.”

    Another project that I am assisting with is an architecture competition that the firm is entering. The competition is to design an eco-friendly meditation cabin that doesn’t exceed 15m2 and will be located in a beautiful forest in Latvia. I have been able to apply the skills and knowledge that my professors taught me during my first year of school in real life. I have used lessons on sustainability and wood-frame construction methods.

    I am so grateful to everyone who has been apart of my experience and who has made this become a reality. I am excited to take all of the useful skills and tips that I have learned during my internship and apply them to my schooling and the future.”