• Carolina C.- Arts & Culture, Summer 2017

    “I grew up surrounded by Jewish everything. Jewish school, Jewish camp, Jewish dance, Jewish community club… Until college. College was the first time when I felt distant from Judaism and Israel. I just didn’t know how to get close to it in such a different environment. Last summer, I went on Birthright, which brought up all sorts of feelings and made me promise I would go after that really important part of my life that was missing. And I am so glad I did. One year has passed and I am back in the land of milk and honey and so much more.

    I am interning at Shutaf, a non-profit for children and teens with disabilities as well as in a Theatre. My internship along with all the opportunities and experiences provided to me by Onward and Israel Experience have been incredibly fulfilling. But this summer here has shown me that Israel is about so much more than anything I could’ve ever imagined. It is about coexistence, it is about freedom, it is about safety, it is about culture, it is about diversity, it is about humanity. Not a day goes by without me learning something new.

    I have the privilege of living with amazing people, in an amazing place, with an incredible internship eating incredible food… I could go on and on and on. From spice workshops to a Druze village experience, I’m seeing a little bit of everything. Being a part of this program is giving me the chance to experience Israel in a different way: it is not just the touristy places. We get to learn about arts and culture from North to South and see the struggles, ride the buses, budget, buy groceries in the shuk, burn pasta in our gas stove… and it all just makes this experience that much more meaningful.

    I am ready to start planning my next visit already!”