• Carli W. – Remote Program, Summer 2020

    “I decided to move forward with Onward Israel Remote because it was a great opportunity for several reasons. To begin, I was able to intern with an Israeli company and give back to Israel, all while gaining work experience. Additionally, to continue to engage with Israel and still be able to participate in events outside of work that allowed me to learn more about my Jewish heritage and connect with others that share this background was definitely an added plus.

    I am working at Odoro Inc. I am working as a business development/marketing intern and it has been great and I have really enjoyed the work I am doing as well as how much I have learned in just a few weeks so far. Working remotely has been great. Although I would rather be in person in the office, the ability to Zoom and communicate with my supervisor and others in the office on a daily basis has been extremely helpful and I even got an office tour on Zoom in the beginning of my internship!

    I have enjoyed attending the educational aspects of the program. It is a great addition to the program and I like being able to learn about Israel and connect with Israeli’s outside of the actual internship itself. I have learned a lot through these educational programs, all from love languages and how they help us engage with Israel to how coronavirus has affected Israel and what the recent times mean for Israeli innovation.

    Through the engagement programs and the break-out rooms, I have had the opportunity to talk with several other participants and get to know them on a virtual level. I really enjoy the fact that although the entire program is virtual, there is still an opportunity to connect and engage with other participants and learn about each other.

    If I have time/there is an opportunity for me to apply to a future Onward Israel program there is no doubt I would!”