• Ben W. – University of Florida, Summer 2016

    “I am working for a start-up company called Hip-Hope Technologies, which is in the process of developing a belt that functions as a medical device for senior citizens. This medical device deploys an airbag when it detects a fall in order to save a collision at the hips of a senior if necessary. My role in their lab is to shadow experienced and knowledgeable engineers who explain how everything works in great detail and who are very easy to get along with. This is my first hands-on experience when it comes to engineering and I have learned more during my time as an intern than anywhere else. I could not be more thankful to discover that I am studying the major that I am now passionate to pursue and to gain many valuable skills that I can take with me in my future endeavors.

    A huge thank you to Onward Israel, Hip-Hope, and all of the people who made this trip possible and worthwhile.”