• Ben F. – Cincinnati, Summer 2016

    “As an intern at Snapp, a mobile first application development platform that aims to revolutionize the rapidly growing mobile market of developing countries, I have the freedom to develop any skills that I deem worthy, all with the guidance of very successful veterans.

    As a company that is less than a year old, the work to be done ranges dramatically and as the team works to maintain its heavy growth. I not only have been able to see exactly how a company starts and grows from the bottom but have also been able to contribute to everything from research and data analysis to innovation and strategic implementation of new features. While researching optimal markets for Snapp to target next, I have learned an unimaginable amount about market in which I may someday aim to launch my own venture. One of the most inspirational and catalytic ideas of Snapp is their humanitarian goal of helping billions of people living in third world countries to improve their businesses (and lives) by marketing and selling their products/services online through an app.

    So far, my third trip to Israel has been just as amazing as the first two. Living on my own and seeing first hand how society functions in Tel Aviv has been one of the most eye opening and influential experiences of my life and one that everyone should take advantage of if given the opportunity. From the food, to the inclusiveness of the community, to the historical presence that can be felt anywhere you travel in Israel, this truly is a one of a kind place in an infinite number of ways.”