• Aviv Z. – Remote Program, Summer 2020

    “I persisted with Onward Israel Remote because I urgently wanted a summer internship; I wanted to gain experience in the software engineering field. I knew, given Covid-19 restrictions, how difficult finding an internship would be if I hadn’t continued with Onward Remote. I am working for an artificial intelligence company, deepTalk-ai. I am their mobile application developer. I am very grateful to be in the position I am in with deepTalk. This opportunity has treated me with more than I expected; I have created almost all of the application myself, a chance I hadn’t thought of receiving…my experience this summer has been amazing…Although I would have loved- and am still saddened about the missed opportunity- to work in Israel for two months, I’ve really enjoyed my time this summer. Working remotely has given me a chance to explore other interests and visit new places whilst interning. Interning has taught me quite a bit. In my field, it is a formality to self-teach, and I am grateful for that. Learning, struggling on my own has taught me vast quantities. I know more now about mobile app developing, javascript, react native, and problem-solving more ten-fold. I am confident in myself in a field that was previously daunting and nerve-racking…”