• Austin W. – Hillel Jerusalem, Summer 2019

    “My internship is a company called the Jewish News Syndicate (JNS), where Israel and the Jewish World is covered through news, features, and opinions from a pro-Israel and conservative perspective. There, I write articles and run the Instagram account to get the word out of the company’s goal!Living in Jerusalem has been something unique. There is nowhere else to get the real culture atmosphere. So much history is in Jerusalem from the Old City to Mt. Hertzl and much more. Onward set us up in one of the best areas in Jerusalem being in Rehavia, and I think living there also gives the feel of living in a city as well. Onward as a whole has done a great job with my program. Between the day trips all throughout Israel, nighttime activities with the group, and just having us all connect on a good level, I would recommend not just Onward, but Hillel Jerusalem specifically.”