• Alex R. – Toronto, Summer 2018

    “I am a marketing intern at Abraham Hostels in Tel Aviv.  I’ve been incredibly lucky to have had an internship that not only supports professional goals but personal ones as well.  I arrive early every day with enthusiasm, and I feel like I am not just part of a team but part of a family, where I’ve been given an incredible 6 weeks of my life.

    I’ve gotten to have some incredible experiences, whether it was hiking around Banias Falls, swimming in the Sea of Galilee, sitting in the courtyard with friends at the Fauzi Inn in Nazareth, or partaking in rooftop yoga in Jerusalem and joining in on Shabbat in the holiest city in the world. I’ve made lasting friendships both at work and in my program, friends I’ll take with me wherever I go.

    I’ve gotten to expand on my love for photography while working a dream job in a dream environment and making lasting connections.”