• Adam L. – Baltimore, Summer 2017

    “The best thing about spending the summer in Israel was I learned how Israelis live their everyday lives, rather than just seeing it as a tourist. This summer allowed me to dig deeper into Israeli society and feel as if I was an Israeli citizen.

    If my friends/family came to visit, I’d show them the beautiful Tel Aviv beaches, great restaurants, and I would take them to Jerusalem to see all of the major religious sites.

    My favorite shop/restaurant/thing to do in Tel Aviv was when a few friends and I would rent bikes and ride along the beach boardwalk to Jaffa. Riding along the water and seeing the beautiful skyline of Tel Aviv was definitely a highlight of the trip.

    On my favorite group travel day, we took a tour of Jerusalem and learned about the many different types of Jews living within the holy city. We also enjoyed time at Machane Yehuda market.

    After living in Tel Aviv for a few months I can proudly say that I now understand the true Israeli lifestyle, and I can’t wait to come back to this amazing country in the future!”