• Terms of Agreement

    Last updated December 22, 2020

    Please read the following program Terms and Agreements, as they impose legal obligations on you as a future participant of Onward Israel. By applying to participate in the program, you agree to fully comply with and to be bound by any and all program Terms and Agreements as a future participant.

    By the terms “you” and “participant/s or future participant/s” we refer to you the undersigned, and by the terms “we” and “Onward Israel”/”Onward Israel staff” we refer to Onward Israel Internships & Opportunities Ltd  and/or  the Onward Israel partner organization and/or Israel-based program provider (depending on the individual Onward Israel program).

    All program rules and restrictions apply throughout the entirety of the program including during free time. Any failure to comply with Onward Israel’s program rules and restrictions may result in consequences to you, including but not limited to disciplinary measures as set forth in this document, at the sole discretion of Onward Israel, up to and including immediate dismissal from the program. If such a decision is made, the staff from the Israel-based program provider will assist the participant in getting to the airport, however the participant shall bear all costs connected to the cancelation/change of a flight and/or other associated costs of the program. No refund will be provided to a participant who has been dismissed from the program for any reason whatsoever.

    Though participants are above the age of 18 and are considered legal adults, Onward Israel, partner organizations and program organizers’ staff reserves the right to speak directly to each of those listed by participants as “Emergency Contacts” in their applications with regards to their participation in their Onward Israel program which include, inter alia, program’s details, behavioral/disciplinary and medical-related issues in addition to any other program’s related details that the staff deems necessary upon its sole discretion.

    Screening and Registration:
    Registration processes for each individual Onward Israel program may vary.  Acceptance into Onward Israel programs is always contingent upon the completion of requested documents to the particular Onward Israel partner organization OR Israel-based program provider (depending on the individual Onward Israel program).  These documents include but are not limited to:

    • Medical forms and waivers
    • Flight Information
    • Individual program waivers of individual Israel-based program providers.

    Applicants are obligated to fill out all application and requested documents truthfully.  Failure to do so could result in acceptance or participation in the program to be terminated and without refund at Onward Israel’s full discretion.

    Final acceptance into the program will be confirmed after all of these documents are submitted, reviewed by the program organizer and approved by Onward Israel.  Please note, that Onward Israel reserves its right to refrain from approval. It is your responsibility as an applicant to Onward Israel to disclose any encounters with law enforcement.  Acceptance or participation in the program may be terminated if it is discovered that the participant has a previous conviction of a felony which he/she has not reported.

    Program Fee:
    Accepted applicants should carefully consider their decision to move forward with the program before paying their program fee. Once the program fee is paid, it is not possible to receive a full refund except under the circumstance that Onward Israel chooses to cancel a program. Additionally, most programs have a  deadline after which no refund is available. This is in order to fairly compensate organizers for the resources that go into planning for participation on the program. The specific refund policy for each program is typically described in the acceptance letter and is at the full discretion of Onward Israel, its partners and organizers.

    Medical Conditions Policy:
    Participants will disclose all medical conditions, including physical and mental conditions on the designated medical forms and waivers provided by the participant’s Onward Israel partner organization and/or Israel-based program provider, including the required signatures of the participant’s physician.

    Acceptance into Onward Israel is conditional upon the submission and review of participant’s medical form and requested waivers by any associated Onward Israel staff (including from the local partner and Israel-based provider) by the designated deadlines.  It is possible that after an initial review of the medical form, staff might have follow up questions, for either the participant and/or his/her physician to determine if participation in the program is possible due to a medical condition. Failure to submit the medical form by the designated deadline could also result in termination from the program.

    The participant acknowledges that not fully disclosing a medical condition and/or the severity of a medical condition may result in his/her termination as a participant on Onward Israel based on the decision of Onward Israel.   Please pay attention that any existing medical condition the participant’s may suffer from, can impact his\her receipt to any traveling \ health insurance.

    Code of Conduct:
    Participation in Onward Israel is subject to the agreement of the staff of Onward Israel, its local partners and Israel-based program providers. The generous support of philanthropic funds makes Onward Israel possible and dramatically reduces the program costs incurred by participants.

    Onward Israel participants are required to be in Israel for the full length of their program, from the first day until the last.  They are not permitted to miss days of the program.  If for some reason it is unavoidable, participants are able to put in a request for approval to miss time to their organizer.  Not all cases will be approved and are at the sole discretion of Onward Israel, its organizers and partners.  Should the request be approved, the participant is responsible for paying a fee for the cost of the day on the program.  It should be noted that this is not a punitive measure, but rather pays the organizer for costs incurred when the participant is not there as organizers only receive funding for the program for days that the participant is in the country.

    The participant agrees to participate fully in all aspects of the Onward Israel program, as determined by Onward Israel staff.  This includes, but is not limited to the internship or volunteer placement, weekly educational meetings and trips, group meetings or sessions, the Onward Israel weekend seminar, partnership weekend Shabbaton (if applicable) and more as determined by program staff.  Participants who fail to take part in mandatory program aspects will face disciplinary action- from warnings, to probation, to removal from the program. Participants without internship placements or volunteer assignments for a prolonged period of time , due to issues in their initial placements, are not allowed to stay on the program.

    Required arrival times will vary by program and as such participants are expected to arrive in Israel before 10am Israel time on the day their particular program begins.  Participants can choose to arrive later on the day of their program start date only if they are informed by their organizer that they may do so. Participants are also expected to book return flights home for no earlier than 4pm Israel time the day that their program ends. Participants who arrive prior to their program start date and/or who wish to stay in Israel after their program ends are responsible for arranging their own accommodations at their sole cost and expense. Those who do so are not considered program participants and therefore Onward Israel, its program partners and organizers are not responsible in any way for providing any and all of the program’s benefits, including but not limited to housing, health insurance, etc., as of the date their program ends and going forward.

    As a participant, you are responsible for the cleaning of your living space, including purchasing the necessary cleaning supplies while on the program. Housing accommodations come with basic and introductory cleaning supplies, sufficient for the first days of the program.

    During the program, Onward Israel may find it necessary to alter or add program rules and restrictions. Participants shall comply with all program rules and restrictions including any alterations and/or additions made by Onward Israel, which shall become subject to this Terms of Agreement.

    While on the program in Israel, Onward Israel participants are subject to Israeli law.  There is a zero-tolerance policy for Onward Israel participants to engage in illicit behaviors. Such behaviors include but are not limited to, violence against persons or property, sexual harassment (verbal, physical or otherwise) and being under the influence of drugs (without a legal prescription – It is the responsibility of the participant to check if the said drug is legal in Israel). Participants are also prohibited from being in the possession of illegal drugs or drug paraphernalia. Engaging in illegal behaviors will result in immediate termination from the program if so determined by the program staff.  If a participant is suspected of being under the influence or in possession of illegal drugs, Onward Israel staff, its partners and program providers are permitted to require drug tests or search participants’ rooms and belongings.

    While all Onward Israel participants are of legal age to drink alcohol in Israel, Onward Israel participants are expected to act responsibly. Onward Israel participants are not permitted to consume alcohol during educational programming, including but not limited to, weekly educational trips, group meetings, the Onward Israel Breakout Seminar and other weekend events (when applicable) unless explicitly informed by staff that it is permitted.  Moderate consumption of alcohol is permitted during free time. Irresponsible or poor behavior (missing programming, or work, destruction of property, verbal and/or physical violence) resulting from alcohol consumption will not be tolerated on any Onward Israel program and are grounds for immediate termination. The use of tobacco vaping (e-cigarette) products is prohibited during all required programs elements (except during free time).

    By submitting this document, you acknowledge and agree that as a future participant in Onward Israel, your actions and behavior reflect on the reputation and standing of Onward Israel, Onward Israel program’s partner organizations and Israel-based program providers and other supporters of Onward Israel. You are expected to conduct yourself with respect for yourself, the above organizations and your peers.  Inappropriate behavior (including in groups settings, during free time and during volunteer or internship placement) can result in termination from the program as determined by Onward Israel staff.

    In addition to a program fee, Onward Israel participants will be required to pay a security & participation deposit.  The security & participation deposit will be collected by the Israel-based program provider and returned upon full completion of the program. A portion or the full security & participation deposit may be withheld from a participant for reasons decided by Onward Israel upon its sole discretion.  Such reasons may include but are not limited to, failure of a participant to participate fully or partially for the entire duration of their program dates in any aspect of the required Onward Israel program elements outlined in this Terms of Agreement, failure to comply with the Behavioral Code of Conduct outlined in this Terms of Agreement, or destruction of property while participating on the program.  Should a participant be terminated from an Onward Israel program for any reason, the full security & participation deposit will be withheld.  If a participant voluntarily decides to leave an Onward Israel program early, full or partial return of the security & participation deposit is at the sole discretion of Onward Israel.

    As an Onward Israel participant, you are required to have in your possession a functioning cell phone with an Israeli phone number. For security, health  and safety purposes, this number must be provided to program staff at the beginning of the program, and staff may use this number to contact the participant at various times.  Participants are free to choose their own suppliers, although program organizers may provide information about providers that rent cell phones and sim cards at discounted rates.

    In no event will Onward Israel, its officers, agents, employees or affiliates (collectively, “Covered Persons”), be liable for any damages (including, without limitation, direct, indirect, special, punitive and/or consequential damages), losses or expenses arising in connection with your participation in the Onward Israel program, including any damages, losses or expenses incurred during group settings, free time and volunteer or internship placements.

    Travel Restrictions:
    Without derogating from the all other terms contained in this agreement, the participant hereby signs and agrees to abide by any and all of the following statement regarding travel limitations while in Israel:

    I am aware that while I am in Israel and I am participating in the Program:

    1. Travel is possible with very strict limitations: in the West Bank/Judea and Samaria in Area C. These limitations, as designated by the Government of Israel, change frequently and therefore before I travel anywhere in Area C (including visits to relatives who live there) I will ensure to obtain the latest updates of these limitations and to act accordingly and also follow any and all of the safety and security regulations of my program organizer. Special permission is not required to travel to the Jewish Quarter of the Old City of Jerusalem; however, I will at all times comply with the safety instructions provided to me by the program’s organizers, or published by the Israeli police or other Israeli security forces.
    2. Travel is not permitted: to the Gaza strip and to areas in the West Bank/ Judea and Samaria that, according to the Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories, citizens of Israel are not permitted to enter Areas A and B (together hereinafter the “Territories“). I understand that travel to the Gaza Strip is a cause for an immediate termination of my participation in the program.
    3. I am not permitted to leave Israel unless I have requested, in writing and in advance, and received permission in writing from the program provider to leave Israel (the “Request”).  The Request will be reviewed by Onward Israel, the partner organization and program provider and must be approved by Onward Israel, the partner organization and program provider before I may leave Israel. Failure to receive such explicit permission in advance of my traveling outside of Israel is a cause for an immediate termination of my participation in the program.
    4. Onward Israel participants are permitted to rent cars during their free time at their sole cost and Responsibility and any insurance provided through Onward Israel to any of the participants does not cover incidents related directly and/or indirectly to car rentals, I am aware of the fact that Compulsory automobile insurance is required by law in Israel and it is my sole responsibility to make sure such cover exists to the rented car including third party coverage. I shall bear sole responsibility to any loss may occur either to the car itself, to any third party and\or to myself in connection with the use of a car.

    So long as a participant is considered a part of the Onward Israel program, he or she must comply with any and all safety and/or other instructions provided by Onward Israel’s personnel, whether as stated under this agreement and/or otherwise provided to the participants prior or during the program, or as otherwise provided by the Israeli police or other Israeli security forces. These instructions are intended to maintain the well-being and safety of the participants; thus, any violation of such instructions will lead to disciplinary actions against the participant, including without limitation termination from the program.

    In the event of emergency conditions that might emerge in Israel as a result of deterioration in the security situation, participants are required to adhere to additional security guidelines as issued to them by their program staff.

    Evaluation is a critical component of Onward Israel to ensure quality control and assessment of program impact. Therefore, participants in Onward Israel are required to participate in all requested impact evaluations:

    • (Onward Survey I) approximately two weeks before the program start
    • (Onward Survey  11) at the program end
    • (Onward Survey III) approximately two weeks after the program end.

    In addition, participants will be given two quality assessment and feedback surveys: mid-program and then again at program’s end.

    Permission for photos/testimonials/videos:
    The participant grants permission to Onward Israel, its officers, agents, employees, independent contractors, licensees and assignees (including photographers), to take participant’s photographs and sound/image recordings during the participant’s Onward Israel program and to use these photographs and recordings for Onward Israel’s purposes, at its discretion, including, but not limited to, for internal and public relations, fundraising, and activities of Onward Israel and its partners, both in Israel and abroad.

    The participant does not have, nor will have in the future, any claims regarding the past or future use by Onward Israel, or any other body operating on its behalf, of the aforementioned photographs and/or sound/image recordings.

    The participant recognizes that Onward Israel owns the copyright (or may apply for copyrights) in these photographs and/or sound/image recordings and may derive from them other works and creations in any way or shape that it deems appropriate.

    The participant hereby waives the right to inspect or approve the photographs and recordings, or finished versions of works incorporating the photographs and recordings.  The participant hereby waives any claims he/she may have based on any usage of the photographs or works derived therefrom in any form, whether it be printed, projected, televised or transmitted via the web, at any time, including, but not limited to claims for either invasions of privacy or libel. 

    Remote Internship Addendum
    Given that Onward Israel programs may include remote internship components (Hybrid programs) or may take place entirely under remote internship circumstances (due to travel restrictions), the following section is an integral and necessary part of the overall Terms of Agreement of Onward Israel.

    You understand that you will be placed at a company for an unpaid Internship as part of your educational experience with Onward Israel. This Internship will allow you on-the-job training to supplement the educational content offered by Onward Israel. You will not receive wages and are not considered an employee of Onward Israel or the Company at which you are interning for minimum wages and overtime purposes.  You will not receive any employee benefits whatsoever.  A paid job at the Company at which you are interning is not guaranteed upon completion of the internship or completion of your schooling.  At the conclusion of your internship, you are free to accept employment at another business in the same field as your internship.  You are prohibited from accepting any type of compensation, whether it be monetary or free goods or services from the business you are interning with during the program. We encourage applicants to pursue credit opportunities or other forms of university approval for their proposed remote internship.

    The participant agrees to participate fully in all aspects of the Onward Israel remote program, as determined by Onward Israel staff.  This includes, but is not limited to the remote internship itself, placement  weekly educational and enrichment meetings and sessions with the internship coordinator, as determined by program staff. Participants who fail to take part in mandatory program aspects will face disciplinary action – anything from warnings, to probation, to removal from the program.

    COVID-19  Virus Addendum
    The worldwide spread of the Corona virus has brought the Government of Israel and the Israeli Ministry of Health (the IHM) to provide instructions and restrictions that may result in some changes and affect the Company’s and its participants’ required actions and behavior during the programs.

    By affirming  this document, the participant agrees and undertakes to comply with all the terms set forth below.

    1. Prior to arriving in Israel, the participant undertakes to follow all the instructions and restrictions that may be provided by the relevant Health Authorities in the country of origin.

      It is hereby clarified that if such instructions include a mandatory 14-day self-isolation period, beginning on the day of the participant’s arrival in Israel, the participant undertakes to subject himself to such isolation period immediately after arriving in Israel (and including during the time of travel between Ben Gurion Airport and such participant’s accommodations, which can only be made by way of taxi or a private vehicle). Additionally, the Participant undertakes to measure its body temperature regularly (each day during the isolation) and to notify the program organizer if any symptoms occur.

    2. During the participant stay in Israel, the participant undertakes to follow all the instructions and restrictions that may be provided by the IHM and/or by Onward Israel.
    3. If during the stay in Israel and while the Onward Israel program is taking place (including during the initial mandatory isolation period as indicated in Section ‎1 above), the participant would be required to be isolated and in self-quarantine for any period, Onward Israel is willing to provide the participant with adequate accommodations for the participant to be held in self-quarantine. Onward Israel will make its best efforts to assist the participant to find an appropriate solution, including providing solutions to the participant’s needs during the self-quarantine period.
    4. The Participant acknowledges that Onward Israel cannot predict any changes made to the existing governmental instructions and restrictions. Onward Israel will make all efforts to notify and update the participants with regard to any changes made in the said instructions and restrictions, if necessary.
    5. The Participant acknowledges that Onward Israel cannot be responsible for any case of infection by the Corona Virus that may occur, or for any other disease for that matter that the participant may suffer during travel to Israel.
    6. Prior to arriving in Israel, the participant undertakes to follow all the instructions and restrictions that may be provided by the relevant Health Authorities in the country of origin. During the participant stays in Israel, the participant undertakes to follow all the instructions and restrictions that may be provided by the IHM and/or by Onward Israel.
    7. The participant is aware, that the instructions and restrictions provided by the IHM (or any other authority) are provided in order to prevent and reduce the risk of getting infected by the Corona Virus. However, the participant acknowledges that acting according to the instructions, does not guarantee that the participant would not be infected by the Corona virus.
    8. The participant undertakes to immediately inform the program director upon the appearance of any symptom that may indicate that the participation was infected by the Corona virus during or before the visit to Israel.
    9. Onward Israel will make sure to update any or all of the instructions above, as required and due to any change in circumstance and/or any new instruction that would be provided by the Israeli Authorities.

    Prohibition Against Discrimination:
    Onward Israel expressly prohibits discrimination in hiring, job postings, interviews, performance evaluations, discipline and termination, and any decisions that affect the terms and conditions of employment based on age, alienage or citizenship status, race, color, religion/creed, national origin, gender, gender identity, pregnancy and lactation accommodations, disability, sexual orientation, marital and partnership status, alienage or citizenship status, arrest or conviction record, status as victim of domestic violence, sexual violence or stalking, credit history, status as a veteran or active military service member, sexual and reproductive health decisions, caregiver status, and genetic predisposition and carrier status.

    Applicable Law:
    The relationship between the participant and Onward Israel shall be governed by and construed under the laws of the State of Israel, and subject to the sole and exclusive jurisdiction of the appropriate courts of competent jurisdiction of Jerusalem.