Jessi Davidson

Onward Israel

Jessi joined the Onward Israel Team in November 2020 as their Director of Internal Programs. Jessi originally born and raised in England, made Aliyah in 2009 after taking part in a summer program and falling in love with Israel. Determined to share her powerful experience with  others, Jessi joined one of the largest educational tourism companies, Sachlav. Working there for over 11 years in their Taglit, Masa and Onward Israel departments in various roles, Jessi ultimately ended up as their Director of Masa and Onward Israel programs. 

Jessi graduated in Marketing in 2000, as well as completing her Legal Executive Diploma in 2002. She spent most of her working life in the UK as a paralegal and legal executive before finally choosing to make Israel her home.

Jessi lives in the Judaean mountains with her husband and four children. She loves spending time dancing, gardening, horse-riding, teaching Zumba and enjoying life.