Hila Eitan

Onward Israel

Born and raised in Beer Yaakov, Israel, Hila served as a welfare NCO in the Patrol unit of the Armored Corps. Hila is in charge of Internship placements for Onward Israel Hybrid Winter Programs.

Hila has a BA in Behavioral Sciences and is currently pursuing an MA in Cultural Research at Tel Aviv University. For the past few years, Hila has been working with young adults from the Diaspora on their career development. She joins Onward Israel with three years of experience in placing interns in companies in Israel, mainly in Tel Aviv. Hila especially enjoys creating collaborations with new companies and opening new opportunities.

As part of her thesis she is researching  the acculturation of young immigrants in Israeli society, and how the cultural gap can be bridged. She is trying to apply the findings of her research to her current participants while learning from each experience. In her spare time Hila is volunteering at the Women’s Spirit organization, which helps abused women achieve economic independence.