Eliana Rohrig

Onward Israel

Eliana manages the coordination recruitment and registration for the New York and Camp Counselor Program. As a New York local and a long time camp person Eliana is thrilled to be working for Onward to ensure meaningful summer experiences and opportunities for professional development for our participants.

Eliana was born in Budapest, Hungary and moved to New York when she was 4 years old. After graduating from SAR High school, Eliana spent a gap year in Jerusalem. Eliana went to Binghamton University where she studied Judaic Studies and History. During University, Eliana had the opportunity to intern at the Shalom Hartman Institute and was a fellow on the Nachshon Project. Eliana has worked for five years at her summer home, Ramah Nyack. In college, Eliana was a barista at Moss Café, where she learned all about espresso and the history of coffee.

Eliana lives in New York City, loves to cook, do yoga, and read at the Hungarian Pastry Shop.