Desiree Neissani

Onward Israel

Desiree joined the Onward Israel team in 2017 as the very first Theme-based Programs Coordinator. Due to the expansion of Theme-based Programs, an increased focus on Internal Programs and the creation of the new Hybrid Programs, her scope and position have also grown. Desiree works on best practices for implementation of Hybrid Programs, oversees recruitment and registration for Theme-based Programs and Internal Programs and works hand-in-hand with organizers on the ground to ensure meaningful Israel experiences for participants.

Desiree is a Long Island native and went to Fordham College Lincoln Center where she studied Religious Studies and History. After graduating from Fordham, she went on the Onward Israel New York Service Learning Program. This experience fostered her desire to give back and prompted her career in the non-profit sector.

Desiree lives in New York City, loves to travel, run in Central Park, and hang out with family and friends.