Aaron Feldstein

Onward Israel

Aaron Feldstein is the theme-based programs coordinator at Onward Israel. He handles a variety of tasks related to Onward Israel’s successful execution of field-of-study centric, immersive experiences in Israel.

Born and raised in Houston, Texas, Aaron graduated from the University of Maryland in 2020. He earned a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy, Politics and Economics and was very involved in Greek and Jewish life on campus. Participating in Onward Israel in 2018 shaped Aaron’s outlook on his professional aspirations, driving him to pursue a career in the nonprofit Jewish sector.

A rabid Houston sports fan, Aaron is a staunch defender of the Houston Astros, although he grapples with his loyalty to the dismal Houston football franchise. In his free time, Aaron can be found sipping a large cup of dark roast black coffee and vibing out to some tunes.