• Remote Internships for Israeli Companies

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    Top International Interns at Israeli Companies

    Onward Israel and TAMID Group are two organizations bringing thousands of top-tier students to Israel every year for two-month internships. Our students provide immediate value and impact for your company – something we have seen based on a decade of experience and expertise.

    The Internship Programs
    This year, in light of the Coronavirus have offered our participants a remote internship option and we will be collaborating with several hundred remote interns. Our interns come from a variety of fields including, but not limited to: Finance, Business, Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Mathematics, Computer Science, Engineering, Design, Health Care, and more.

    Value to your company
    • Increased exposure to foreign markets and opportunities
    • Ability to complete projects that bring value to the company
    • Outreach to potential future employees you might not otherwise reach
    • Passion, excitement and a drive to succeed

    We work with the full range of companies in the Israeli market, from startups such as monday.com and Gett to industry giants Deloitte, Clal Industries, EY, Harel Finance, and many more.

    After our vetting process we will introduce you to relevant candidates to interview.

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    Contact Shunit Karake Tanne, Placement Manager here

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