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    Professional Skills Track FSU Country – Профессиональный рост

    Программа Onward – Твой шанс провести месяц в Израиле профессионально развиваясь!
    Проведи Время со смыслом и Отдыхай с умом!
    Мы приглашаем Тебя провести незабываемый месяц в Израиле на берегу Средиземного моря в продолжении программы Таглит. Тебя ждут мастер классы и семинары, повышение профессиональной квалификации и изучение иврита, экскурсии и встречи шабата. Качественное общение и новые профессиональные связи. Встречи, знакомства и новые друзья.

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    Onward Experience Spring 2023

    Программа Onward – это твой шанс провести 5,5 недель в Израиле с пользой!

    5,5 недель на берегу Средиземного моря в компании друзей из разных стран откроют тебе новые перспективы в Израиле! Тебя ждут экскурсии, семинары, квесты, волонтерские программы и совместные встречи шабата.

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    Global Hillel Onward Israel

    Hillel is the largest pluralistic Jewish organization in the world for young adults and this Onward Israel experience joins together young adults from Latin America, Europe and the FSU in a truly global, high-level experience.

    In addition to your internship and course, you will be exposed to the top leadership of Israel’s biggest companies. Hillel is the only Onward trip to include this in the program! The Hillel program also offers the only winter (your summer) experience for participants to live in top-of-the-line apartments in Tel Aviv. From the beach to the nightlife, Tel Aviv will become your home and you will have the opportunity to live as a local. But do not worry, time in Jerusalem and Eilat will also be part of your Israel experience!

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    Forum for Jewish Leadership (FJL) – UK

    FJL offers outstanding internship opportunities to bright and ambitious future Jewish leaders. Our range of courses and programmes provide an in-depth understanding of the theory and practice of Jewish leadership, as well as Jewish perspectives on a host of legal, political and social issues associated with the modern world.

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    UJIA United Kingdom Onward Israel

    UJIA UK Onward Israel is a two-month internship and leadership programme based in Tel Aviv. It is designed to provide students and young adults from the UK with meaningful internships and leadership training seminars that will set them up for successful careers on campus, in the wider UK Jewish community and/or in the working world.

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