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    Tel Aviv Pro

    The Birthright Israel Onward Tel Aviv Pro program is the latest in our program offerings. It will allow participants to experience life in Israel while furthering their career goals through a profound international work experience that provides a competitive edge in the job market.

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    Tel Aviv Pro Summer Internship

    This program is designed specifically for 22-34 year-olds looking for the next step in their career journey. The Tel Aviv Pro program offers participants the chance to experience Tel Aviv in a whole new way. This exciting and engaging internship program also features day trips, overnights and hands-on seminars designed to bolster participants’ understanding of Israeli life and connect them with the land and one another. Interns work four to five days a week alongside Israeli peers and professionals while gaining valuable resume building experience. In your free time, you are encouraged to explore Tel Aviv’s extensive range of activities. Go to the beach, eat delicious food, and discover the nightlife in Israel’s most happening city!

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