• Yachad Maccabi

    18-20 year old young professionals can participate in a 2-month internship experience and unforgettable program. Work to enhance leadership and business skills while meeting with successful enterprises and start-up companies. Learn new skills that will assist you for the rest of your life, experience living in Tel Aviv with friends and discover Israel via amazing touring opportunities.


    Get amazing and meaningful experience volunteering and working in startups, big companies of Israel. Live with friends in Tel Aviv, work 4 days per week and enjoy your weekends.

    BUSINESS COURSE: Get new skills in a entrepreneur and business course. Meet and learn with the top leaders in entrepreneurship and the Israeli startup ecosystem. Hear about succeeding cases to get inspired.

    COMPANY VISITS: Once a week, visit different companies in Hi-tech, governmental, venture Capital and startup industries.

    EDUCATIONAL ACTIVITIES: Thematic activities in different areas: Jewish Identity, Israeli Society and Hasbara.

    MONEY MANAGEMENT: Each participant will receive 50 NIS per day to buy their food, except for the days the program includes the meal in a visit.

    Important Information

    June 14-August 2, 2020

    Group Safety
    Safety is one of our most important concerns, that’s why every activity, visit or excursion go through strict security and double-check verification. We are in permanent communication with the FDI, the Police and the SPNI (The nature and open activities Israeli agency).
    »Every group is equipped with a cellphone that is constantly in touch with our headquarters.
    »Our team constantly gets security updates from the security headquarters.
    »Facing any alert or alarm every program is quickly modified to preserve the good experience from our participants.
    »Yachad, Maccabi World Union will always pre-check every place or activity before our participants arrive.
    »Yachad, Maccabi World Union will provide an extra security guy trained in first aid and protection with the gun. » All trips and excursions are equipped with a GPS.

    Acceptance Criteria

    »Young professionals between 18-20 year old.
    »Attend and be accepted in personal interviews in your local country.
    »Successfully complete all enrollment steps.
    »Be studying a university degree.
    »Speak English.

    All participants will be staying in a fully equipped apartment, located in Tel Aviv. This one will include linens and towels, air conditioner, hot and cold water, kitchen utensils and dishes and WIFI.

    Mail: yachadprograms@maccabi.org
    Web: www.yachadmaccabi.org