• Yachad KTS+ Internship

    Yachad KTS+ is a program designed for young orthodox women coming to Israel to explore their options. They are interested in learning about their roots, connecting with the land, enhancing their education and acquiring new skills and professions. This will give them the opportunity to take their skills and knowledge out to the greater world and be productive members of society and make a true impact. Our dedicated, professional staff help students develop interpersonal and intrapersonal skills as well as business and marketing skills, guiding students through critical thinking and self-exploration, giving them tools to succeed in the social, professional and spiritual aspects of life.


    The application period for the 2019 program has closed. Please fill out our pre-registration form to be notified about next year’s program.

    This Onward Israel program is operated through a partnership between Onward Israel and Yachad Learning and Tours.

    Important Information



    This is a 7-week program, which includes professional and educational classes, professional courses and an internship, in addition to exploring of the country through informative and educational trips.

    The internship includes theoretical lessons and guided work in the following areas:
    Health and beauty
    Additional options may be available

    Acceptance Criteria

    This program is open to young orthodox married woman ages  19 – 27 years old. The program is designed to take interns who have NOT spent 3 or more months in Israel as part of an educational or peer-program (this includes semester abroad, gap year or any other MASA or Onward Israel program)

    Fluent in English

    Previous participation in Taglit-Birthright Israel is encouraged for any eligible applicants

    Self maintained pre-approved apartments in local housing projects.

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    We aim to respond within 3 business days