• Way More Israel

    Spend your summer living as a local in the heart of Jerusalem's Old City while simultaneously improving Hebrew, exploring the land and advancing your career in the internship placement of your choice.


    Applications for this program have closed. A few Onward Israel programs remain open. 

    Way More Israel’s summer program enables you to maximize your time in Israel.  You will have the  opportunity to build your resume in a wide variety of companies, organizations and institutions in Jerusalem, immerse yourself in Israeli culture, travel, improve your Hebrew and connect to your Jewish roots.

    Important Information

    Program Dates
    June 15th – Aug 9th, 2022

    $380 — Cost includes: housing, insurance, 40 NIS per day food stipend, ground transportation and program costs. Spending money is suggested to supplement the food stipend and to cover inter-city travel and cellphone.

    All participants are responsible for the cost of their flights, all necessary arrangements and airport transfer. Participants will be required to submit a $250 program security deposit before arrival in Israel. Deposits will be refunded at the end of the program pending good standing.

    www.waymoreisrael.com | admissions@heritage.org.il

    Acceptance Criteria

    – Applicants between 18-27 years old

    – Fluent in English

    – Valid Passport (passports must be valid for at least 6 months after the program end date)

    Israel Portion: Apartment, hotel/hostel or dorm-style housing in Jerusalem. The number of participants to an apartment or room is dependent on the size of the accommodations and number of participants on the program.

    Sample Internships
    TBC Lab- BioTech Lab via Hebrew U in Hadassa
    Hadassa Physical Therapy Clinic
    Sixdoff Space
    Landau Lab
    Ethiopian National Project
    Yonasan Bender LCSW
    …and many many more!

    Not sure what type of internship you are looking for or unsure if you can find it in Israel? Our internship coordinators work one-on-one with each participant!

    Genevieve Alper: “I have had a lot of fun exploring Jerusalem and connecting to my Jewish roots as more than just a tourist in this holy city.”

    Andrew Isaacson: “This is my first time being in Israel and this summer has been a blast so far. I am grateful that this program has given me the opportunity to travel throughout the country, live in one of the holiest places in the world, learn more about Judaism and gain professional experience.

    Michael Mattson and Jamie Morris: “We are both really enjoying the hands on experience and getting to know more about our shared field of interest.”

    Organizations That Make This Program Possible