• UJIA United Kingdom Birthright Israel Onward

    UJIA UK Birthright Israel Onward is a two-month internship and leadership programme based in Tel Aviv. It is designed to provide students and young adults from the UK with meaningful internships and leadership training seminars that will set them up for successful careers on campus, in the wider UK Jewish community and/or in the working world.


    UJIA Birthright Israel Onward will help you build your CV through personalized, high-level internships in the professional field of your choice. Join other students and young adults from the UK for an eight-week experiential living, learning, leadership and career-building programme. You will intern for four or five days a week while enjoying touring and exploration days, activities, nightlife, a weekend seminar, and more with your group throughout the summer.

    One of the aspects of the programme that past participants have enjoyed the most is the opportunity to meet and build relationships with like-minded people from around the world, while also exploring Tel Aviv’s exciting nightlife, food, culture and people. Interning at top Israeli companies through UJIA Onward will give you the leadership skills and relevant experience to gain a great and crucial advantage in the job market. Above all else, you will have the most memorable summer!

    This Birthright Israel Onward- Masa programme is operated through the philanthropic support of leading North American Foundations through the Birthright Israel Foundation, the Government of Israel and the Jewish Agency, along with UJIA (United Jewish Israel Appeal). It is organized by Sachlav. For more information about participating in a long-term Masa programme after Birthright Israel Onward and the potential impact on future Masa grants, view our FAQ here.


    Important Information

    Admission is rolling. Applications will close in the beginning of March or earlier if the programme fills.


    Track 1: June 17 – August 11, 2024

    Track 2: July 8 – September 1, 2024

    Participants MUST be available to participate for the entire length of the programme.

    Programme Cost: $1500 USD (Approximately £1200) Plus Flights*

    In addition, participants will be required to submit a $400 USD security deposit in cash upon arrival in Israel (or equivalent amount in GBP). Deposits will be refunded at the end of the programme pending good standing.

    The programme cost includes housing, educational programming, programme staff, basic medical insurance, and ground transportation within the city of residence.

    Participants are responsible for the cost of flights, food, and phone coverage. To learn about this and other Birthright Israel Onward programme details, please visit our FAQ here.

     *Participants are encouraged to purchase flights with a good refund policy or flight insurance. Birthright Israel Onward is not responsible for the cost of flights should the program be cancelled. Note, participants will be given their expected address approximately two weeks before the program begins, if not earlier.

    *Bursaries to help offset the programme cost may be available for those who need additional assistance and meet Onward’s eligibility criteria. For more information, contact Birthright Israel Onward or your local partner professional.

     Accommodations: Apartments, flats, hostel, or dorm-style housing in Tel-Aviv. 

    The number of participants to an apartment or room is dependent on the size of the accommodations and number of participants on the programme. Though Birthright Israel Onward housing can vary from programme to programme, all housing units meet Birthright Israel Onward standards. To learn more about this and other Birthright Israel Onward housing details, please visit our housing FAQ.  

    Acceptance Criteria

    • Applicants must have a permanent address in the UK or a be current student receiving their degree from a university in the UK
    • Applicants between 19-30 years old (or at least one full year post-secondary school at the start of the programme)
    • Must be Jewish (please refer to our FAQ for more information)
    • Applicants must NOT have spent 3 or more consecutive months in Israel after secondary school, or participated in a Birthright Israel Onward programme or any other mid-term or long-term educational programme in Israel.
    • Must meet Masa Israel Journey Eligibility criteria (click here to review) including not having received Masa funding towards participation on a previous programme
    • Fluent in English
    • Have a valid Passport for at least 6 months after the programme end date

    Please note: If you wish to participate in a 10-day Birthright Israel trip, consider doing so prior to an Onward programme. You will not be able to participate on a Birthright Israel trip after participating on Onward.

    Please click here to review the application process.

    Sample Internships

    The programme is designed to take interns through a practical working experience of:
    ~Marketing/Social Media/Advertising/PR
    ~Youth Work
    ~Banking, Law, Accountancy

    Applicants interested in internships in the fields of STEM, Finance, Law, and Medicine please click here for some important information regarding placements: 

    For More Information

    Contact: Josh Dubell, UJIA Head of Israel Journeys – josh.dubell@ujia.org

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