• The Harry Zimmerman & Family StandWithUs Fellowship

    A Summer in Israel: Learning for Life

    The Harry Zimmerman and Family StandWithUs Fellowship is a six-week immersive educational Israel experience and leadership training program uniquely designed by Masa Leadership Academy with StandWithUs in order to optimize Israel educational programs on campus in North America and the United Kingdom.  The Fellowship is implemented in partnership with Onward Israel.



    Core Features
    -A six-week intensive educational Fellowship located in Jerusalem;
    -High-level internships in Israel education and advocacy related placements;
    -Certification-based StandWithUs Israel education and activism course;
    -Masa Leadership Academy Adaptive Leadership trainings and case-studies including challenges and opportunities facing Israel and the global Jewish community;
    -Full day expert tours throughout Israel that cultivate a deep, nuanced, and firsthand understanding of Israel’s history and current events;
    -Opportunities to engage with diverse opinions within both Israeli and Palestinian society;
    -Hands-on workshops offering practical tools for effective communication, social-media, campus activism and more.
    -Free time for self-care and independent growth.

    The Harry Zimmerman Family & StandWithUs Fellowship is designed by StandWithUs and The Masa Leadership Academy and is implemented in partnership with Onward Israel.

    Important Information


    The program is highly selective and heavily subsidized for up to 20 chosen Fellows. Subsidies cover accommodation, travel, food stipend, insurance and all content. Participants cover flights and pay a non-refundable $75 registration fee. 

    Participants on Onward Israel programs that are run in partnership with Masa may return to Israel on long-term Masa programs after Onward Israel although the size of any potential scholarship may be influenced by prior participation on Onward Israel. For details please contact Masa Israel Journey directly.

    Acceptance Criteria

    Open to post high school and college students from America, Canada and the UK eager to lead change through Israel education;

    Open to Emerson Fellows;

    Who have NOT spent 3 or more months in Israel as part of an educational or peer-program (this includes semester abroad, gap year or any other program)

    For first time MASA participants;

    Requires fluency in English.

    For More Information

    Rena Nasar, campus@standwithus.com

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