Sullam Israel Residency

Today’s Perspectives. Tomorrow’s Possibilities.


Our Vision

Imagine if every young Jewish community professional had the opportunity to kick-start their career with an all immersive experience living in Israel. Picture yourself fully immersed in the culture, forging connections with locals, and charting a course for their personal and professional growth. Add to that, a deep-rooted sense of identity as Jews, a strong bond with Israel, and a connection to the global Jewish community. This is the vision of the Sullam Israel Residency – where today’s perspectives lead to tomorrow’s possibilities.

The Pilot Program – January 2024

The Sullam Israel Residency is a transformative month-long program designed for young Jewish professionals in the early stage of their career in Jewish community service. This residency program is designed to provide participants with a unique opportunity to experience the land of Israel, connect with Israelis, explore their personal and professional paths, and solidify a strong connection to their identity as Jews, to Israel, and to the global Jewish world. 

The pilot program will take place in January 2024, based in Tel Aviv, with 100 Jewish community professionals from North America who will be chosen through a competitive application process . 

The program will include multi-day opening and closing seminars, day-long thematic courses, and two multi-day intensive electives. The program will be conducted in a tone of deep learning and exploration, multiple possibilities and choices, and independent living in Israel – in apartments in Tel Aviv – during which seminars and electives will be offered. The program also includes Shabbat retreats, and free time for individual exploration, other work-related commitments, and a chance to experience Israel independently.

Managed by Taglit Birthright Israel Onward, the Sullam Israel Residency is designed to offer a transformative and immersive experience in Israel to young Jewish community professionals. Through a rigorous curriculum focused on Jewish and Israel education, participants gain valuable skills that equip them to become better professionals in their communities.

Participant Eligibility

Applicants to the Sullam Israel Residency must have at least 18 months and no more than 5 years of service as a full-time professional (with some exceptions) in a role dedicated to actively engaging with community members. The intent to remain in the field of Jewish communal service is required, and prior Israel experience will be considered. Non-Jewish applicants will also be considered, and nominations from supervisors and directors will be subject to a competitive selection process to ensure a balanced pilot cohort. Applicants must be recommended to apply by their respective supervisors.  

Educational Goals & Curriculum

The Sullam Israel Residency will offer a comprehensive educational arc designed in partnership with M2: The Institute For Experiential Jewish Education. The curriculum is being carefully crafted to provide residents with a comprehensive understanding of the Jewish community, its history, values, and contemporary challenges. We believe that a deep understanding of Jewish history, culture, and traditions is essential for anyone who wishes to serve the community. 

Key concepts that will be addressed include the following: 

  • The State, Land of People of Israel: History, Contemporary, Geopolitics, Social Diversity, Multiple Perspectives, Israel as a center for Innovation
  • Jewish Wisdom: Narratives, Text Study, Ritual, Experience of the Sacred/Spirituality
  • Dialogue and Facilitation skills – Creating safe and brave spaces, Complexity over Simplicity
  • Community: Jewish Peoplehood & Connectedness, Jewish life in Israel and at home
  • Mifgash – Encounters with Israelis
  • Ethical Living – Social Action / Volunteering: Responsibility for something larger than ourselves.

The educational program will also feature: 

  • Faculty of world-class educators and experienced Jewish professionals
  • Meeting with high-level decision-makers and influencers including Members of Knesset, Supreme Court Justices, thought leaders, community activists and cultural icons.
  • Deep-dive intensive electives into topics of personal interest in partnership with renowned providers such as the Hartman Institute, Arava Institute, Reut Institute, iCenter, Reichman University and more (subject to change).

Important Information

Pilot Program Dates
January 8 – February 4, 2024
Application deadline: June 30, 2023 
Decisions will be communicated at the beginning of September, 2023
You MUST be available to participate for the full duration of the program

Program Cost & Logistics
Participants will be required to submit a participation & security deposit. Deposits will be refunded at the end of the program based on good standing.

This is a highly subsidized pilot program. The program covers essential aspects such as accommodation in comfortable single bedrooms within shared apartments located in Tel Aviv, round-trip airfare from select North American gateway cities, enriching educational programming and seminars throughout the stay, meals during educational sessions, Shabbat retreats, basic medical insurance, and ground transportation within Tel Aviv. 

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