• Onward Israel Remote Track 4

    Sign up today for a 7-week remote internship program with an Israeli company. Onward Israel Remote is designed for participants who had been accepted into an Onward Israel summer 2020 program. 


    Applications for this program have closed. Please click here and sign up to receive information for Onward Israel 2021 programs.

    Application deadline:  May 7, 2020 for eligible applicants

    As the ongoing COVID-19 global situation continues to develop, Onward Israel remains dedicated to its mission of providing resume building experiences and strengthening the connection with Israel.  As such we have created Onward Israel Remote. Develop your professional future and skills through a remote internship with an Israeli company this summer. Placements will be assigned based on field of interest and employer readiness in Israel. Please note that such placements are limited to certain fields and maybe competitive and hence we cannot commit to securing placements for every applicant. 

    There is nothing like being in Israel and experiencing first hand the opportunities that a live internship with an Israeli company can afford. For the Summer of 2020 however, we are offering  Onward Israel Remote : a distance-based initiative, during which participants will be given the opportunity to focus on specific projects with an employer in Israel. 

    Alongside the professional connection with an Israeli employer and the chance to move ahead on a worthwhile professional project, Onward Israel Remote will provide a broad menu of remote enrichment and educational activities to share Israel’s rich life, challenges, and how they relate to you. 

    Your Onward Israel remote program, Onward Israel Remote Track 4, is organized by Sachlav.

    Important Information


    Those who complete the full requirements of the program (work projects and distance learning) will be eligible to use the $100 towards a credit on a future Onward Israel program.* At Onward Israel’s discretion, the program fee is refundable if you don’t receive a remote internship placement before the program.

    Please note: It is not possible to transfer the money you already paid for the program that was cancelled towards the Onward Israel Remote track. The money you paid for the program that was cancelled will be refunded to you in 4-6 weeks.

    *This credit is available to those who are eligible for, apply for, and are accepted into an Onward Israel 2021 program. Acceptance into a 2021 program is not automatic based on participation in Onward Israel Remote.


    June 21- August 6, 2020

    Remote Internship Opportunities
    Participants will be paired with an Israeli company or organization and assigned work projects to complete over the course of the program. It is expected that participants complete their work projects during the designated dates of the program and fully participate in all required enrichment activities. It is important to note that due to a variety of factors, including the global pandemic, the industries available are limited to business development, programming, graphic design, research, architecture, think tanks, marketing, social media,data entry content development. If you are interested in other fields, we are unfortunately not able to have you join the program and encourage you to submit our pre-registration form for winter 2020/summer 2021 programs.

    Please see the Onward Israel Remote FAQ page.

    Acceptance Criteria

    Onward Israel Remote is exclusively for those who have been accepted or were currently in the interview process for an Onward Israel summer 2020 program that was cancelled due to concerns over COVID-19. Those who withdrew from such a program due to concerns over COVID-19 on March 15, 2020 or later are also eligible to apply.

    Applicants may only apply for either Onward Israel the Onward Israel Fellowship for July 2020 or Onward Israel Remote. Applicants may not apply for both programs.

    Only apply to this program using the link sent to you from Onward Israel by email on April 21.  The initiative is organized by the organizer that you were previously working with. You are not eligible for the application linked in other Onward Israel Remote pages, and you will not be awarded an interview if you use it.

    To apply for Onward Israel Remote Track 4, please use the following link. Since the number of placements is limited, and out of respect for your time and energy, we will be prioritizing applicants in fields where employers have expressed readiness and interest in absorbing remote interns. Not everyone will therefore be asked to interview.

    Once an interview takes place, a final decision will be made as soon as possible about your application status and further instructions will be sent from there.

    If you are not accepted to Remote Onward Israel, you are encouraged to pre-register for our winter 2020 or summer 2021 programs. Because Onward Israel Remote does not restrict you from participating in our winter 2020 or summer 2021 programs, those who are accepted are encouraged to pre-register as well. (maybe put the pre-register link here as well)

    *Note, participating in Onward Israel Remote this summer does not preclude you from applying to a future Onward Israel program in the future. Thus, you too are encouraged to pre-register for winter 2020 or summer 2021 programs.