• Northern Exposure

    The Old City of Tzfat, in the Galilee mountains, has been a center for Jewish spirituality and mysticism since the 16th century. Join us for 5 weeks of exploring and experiencing the unique nature and people of Northern Israel and Tzfat.


    For more information, contact Leah@livnot.org.

    The Livnot program will focus on building a community of people who wish to explore themselves and the world around them. We will hike the mountains and waterfalls of northern Israel, descend into hidden caves, and climb the highest peaks. We will explore Tzfat’s mysterious Old City, get to know its people, and experience it all with art, music, and community work. Within this setting, we will be able to contemplate and discuss our own identity as individuals and as a part of a group.

    The program will be guided by Livnot’s experienced educational staff including Michael Even-Esh, Yifat Refaeli, Rabbi Meir Sendor, and many more.

    Important Information

    All participants are responsible for the arrangement and payment of their own flights. Participants will be required to submit a program security deposit of $200 in cash upon arrival in Israel. Deposits will be refunded at the end of the program, pending good standing. Admission is currently open.

    To Be Announced

    This may include a required 10 days of quarantine, according to the rules of the Israeli Ministry of Health. (Requirements will be updated accordingly)

    Program Cost
    $500. This includes housing, insurance, two meals a day, ground transportation, and program costs.

    Acceptance Criteria

    This program is for English-speaking young Jewish adults (ages 21-27) from around the world, with little or no Jewish background. The program focuses on experiencing self-exploration, community building, hiking and connecting to Northern Israel. We learn about Judaism, study texts, experience Shabbat and holidays, create art and music, and go on challenging hikes. Since we believe in the free marketplace of ideas, everything is presented in a non-coercive and open atmosphere (except showing up for activities, which is mandatory except in extenuating circumstances). If you’ve lived a religious life, observe Shabbat, or gone to Jewish Day School, this program is not for you.

    Participants will stay at “The Blue Khan” – a specially styled dormitory in the Artists’ Quarter of Tzfat; there will be between 2 and 4 participants in each room. The Blue Khan includes a kitchen, a dining room, and a balcony. All rooms have air conditioning/heating and have a full bathroom.

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