• New Media

    The program was built around a unique professional course, which was built in order to train the participants to specialize in social media management on various networks including: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc.

    A unique course that combines an in-depth review of the platforms commonly used today in the field of online marketing (Facebook, Google, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.), practical training for in-demand professions in the field of digital marketing and practical practice. During the course, the participants will set up accounts and business pages, analyze data to understand the audience they are addressing and at the same time learn tools for creating posts, landing pages and image websites.

    Details of the topics that will be covered in the course:
    * Building a marketing strategy
    * Creating graphic elements
    * Digital marketing strategies
    * How to create an online presence using Instagram and TikTok
    * Creating business pages on Facebook and Instagram
    * Tools for creating posts, banners, and landing pages.
    * Design for the digital world and content writing

    ***No prior knowledge of graphics software is required.

    Important Information

    All participants are responsible for cost of and arranging their own flights.

    Participants will be required to submit a $250 program security deposit in cash upon arrival in Israel. Deposits will be refunded at the end of the program pending good standing.

    5/1/2022- 01/02/2022

    Program Cost
    Ex: includes housing, insurance, modest food stipend, ground transportation and program costs.

    Acceptance Criteria

    This program is open to young adults from around the world with an interest in receiving professional training in the field of new media.

    The threshold requirements for each participant are:
    -Fluent in English
    -Basic control of computer operation
    -Personal (or commercial) Facebook page

    Each participant must come to the program with:
    -Personal computer PC \ Mac

    Between 19-27 years old (or at least one full year post-high school at the start of the program) who have NOT spent 3 or more months in Israel as part of an educational or peer-program (this includes semester abroad, gap year or any other MASA or Onward Israel program)

    Previous participation in Taglit-Birthright Israel is encouraged for any eligible applicants

    Apartments or dorm-style housing in the Tel Aviv area.

    The number of participants to an apartment or room is dependent on the size of the accommodations and number of participants on the program.

    While meeting common standards, Onward Israel housing differs by program and even within a program. To learn more about this and other Onward Israel housing details, please visit our housing FAQ.

    For More Information Contact
    Zvika Krupel