• jInternship Shaarei Daat Brazil Program

    The Shaarei Daat jInternship program enables Brazilian men to grow and strengthen their Jewish knowledge, theoretical and practical, while developing professionally via a professional internship.


    Join an impressive group of fellow students from Brazil in Israel! Enhance your resume with international work experience while strengthening your connection to Israel and Judaism! Live together in the Jerusalem yeshiva and work in a Jerusalem-based internship of your choice. The program will provide life skills workshops based in Jewish tradition in addition to the internship! The program is single-gender (housing, workshops) while internships and some trips are co-ed.

    For more information contact: Aviva Cohen – aviva@jinternship.com

    Important Information

    December 19, 2021 -February 6, 2022

    $1,000 + cost of your flight

    Acceptance Criteria

    This program is open to young adults from Brazil with an interest in developing their Jewish identity  while working at a quality internship 

    * Between 19-27 years old (or at least one full year post-high school at the start of the program)

    * Who have NOT spent 3 or more months in Israel as part of an educational or peer-program (this includes semester abroad, gap year or any other MASA or Onward Israel program)

    Organizations That Make This Program Possible