• InsideIL Fellowship

    InsideIL is an elite summer fellowship that connects top-tier MBA programs in the US and Europe with Israeli startups, VCs, and multinational corporations for an employment experience that benefits the company, the intern, and the reputation of Israel.


    InsideIL offers a robust educational program aimed at establishing enduring connections between the Israeli business community and this cohort of future global business leaders.

    In addition to InsideIL’s existing educational program that mainly focuses on the Israel business ecosystem, InsideIL is partnering with Onward Israel to offer a more in-depth fellowship that will explore Israel’s people, history and culture. Highlights of the fellowship include:

    -Attendance at Onward opening event- Connections (if event date overlaps with the time you are in Israel for your internship dates). This is a late afternoon-evening event, likely in late June.

    -Three one-day programs (Tours, museum visits, etc.)

    -Four evening programs (social/thematic)

    -Choice of one weekender session seminar (3 hour event together with participants from all other Onward Israel programs) throughout the summer

    -Welcome and conclusion programming (hosted by InsideIL + Onward Israel)

    In order to take part in this unique fellowship, you must commit to taking part in all of the above events. In addition, you are invited to take part in one of Onward Israel’s breakout seminars (together with participants from all other Onward Israel programs throughout the summer) The breakout seminars are optional.

    Costs for all of the programming is generously covered by Onward Israel. All you need to do is register here.

    As always, InsideIL is open to MBA students from partner campuses of all backgrounds.

    If you have any questions, please email Abbey Onn, InsideIL CEO abbey@insideil.org