• Green Apprenticeship

    The Green Apprenticeship is a 4-week intensive hands-on training program in sustainable agriculture, natural building, ecological design and community living on Kibbutz Lotan in the southern Arava desert. The course work is divided between theoretical studies and practical application.


    Join us for a 4 week practical training program in sustainable agriculture, natural building, appropriate technologies, whole-system ecological design and community living at Kibbutz Lotan, an intentional community and developing eco-village in Israel’s southern Arava desert. We’ll be learning about designing, building and running sustainable projects that link together ecological, social, economic and cultural aspects into a unified whole. We’ll develop skills through hands-on work in our environmental education center, organic gardens, and alternative/natural building projects. You will live in Lotan’s unique EcoCampus, a sustainable neighborhood comprising beautiful, hand-crafted earth domes. At the end of the course you will receive an internationally recognized Permaculture Design Certificate.

    Certificate granted: Permaculture Design Certificate

    This Onward Israel program is operated through a partnership between Onward Israel and the Kibbutz Lotan Center for Creative Ecology.

    Basic breakdown of course: Alternative Technologies, Natural Building, Regenerative Community Development, Permaculture & Ecological Design, Sustainable Agriculture

    Important Information

    No prior knowledge is required to participate in the program. Because of the emphasis on practical work and a creative, bottom-up approach to developing ecological solutions, the program attracts participants from diverse professional and academic backgrounds, including those with little or no relevant experience in sustainability.

    May 13 – June 11, 2019

    $600 USD
    Participants are responsible for arranging their own flights to and from Israel.

    Program includes
    Ecological Design, Sustainable Agriculture, Natural Building, Building Regenerative Community, Renewable Energy & Appropriate Technologies

    Participants live in our Eco-Campus and experience ecological living first hand.
    Room and board (3 meals a day) for the duration of the program.
    Rooms are equipped with beds, air conditioning, shelves, pillows, linens, and towels.
    Shared accommodation (maximum 3 to a dome).
    Meals are served in the kosher kibbutz dining room (vegan/vegetarian options always available). Some evening meals will be prepared by participants together in our Eco-Campus kitchen (vegan/vegetarian).

    For more information
    Contact Mark Naveh +972-54-979-9033, admissions@klotan.co.il

    Acceptance Criteria

    This program is aimed for young people seeking to develop practical skills in sustainability and ecological design, immerse themselves in an intentional community and experience a kibbutz lifestyle.

    The program is open to young adults aged 19 – 27 years old who have NOT spent 3 or more months in Israel as part of an educational or peer-program (this includes semester abroad, gap year or any other MASA or Onward Israel program).

    Participants must be fluent in English

    Previous participation in Taglit-Birthright Israel is encouraged for any eligible applicants.

    USA participants may receive three university credits for the Green Apprenticeship via Paul Smith’s College. The Registrar’s Office at Paul Smith’s College will assist you with the transcript necessary for transferring the credit. $960 for 3 credits ($320/credit hour). For more information, please contact Dr. Kenneth Cohen at cohenk@cortland.edu

    Sample Internships

    The course includes theoretical and practical lessons as well as guided hands-on work in the following topics:
    Alternative Technologies
    Renewable energy systems
    Grey water and black water systems
    Composting toilets
    Solar cooking

    Natural Building
    Earth mix for building projects
    How to test soil for building
    Straw bale construction
    Hands-on building projects using natural and recycled materials

    Building Regenerative Community
    Holistic worldview
    Group dynamics
    Reconnecting to nature
    The global economy and the dilemma of growth
    Localization and the economics of happiness

    Permaculture & Ecological Design
    Structural engineering for hand built houses
    Passive solar & energy efficient design
    Permaculture ethics and principles
    Design techniques including: zone and sector, input and output analysis
    Needs-based design projects

    Sustainable Agriculture
    Local food production through bio-diverse small scale farming
    Companion planting, natural pest control
    Sheet-mulch, container & square foot gardening
    Composting: theory & practice
    Seed saving: theory & practice
    Transplanting & sowing seeds
    Weekly gardening and harvesting

    Organizations That Make This Program Possible