• Galilee Trek & Connect

    Galilee Trek & Connect is the premiere 6-week community service and hiking program in the heart of the Galilee! Trek the mountains of northern Israel and get involved in various hands-on archaeological and volunteering activities that give you access to Israel’s ancient past, impact its present, and preserve its future. You will connect with the diverse population of the north and explore your own personal and Jewish identity.


    To know where we’re going, we need to know where we come from. The history of the Jewish people in Israel spans over 3,900 years.

    Livnot U’Lehibanot is partnered with the Israel Antiquities Authority, allowing us to assist archaeologists in unearthing the past of the Jewish people. Excavation sites are located in and around the ancient city of Tiberias, on the coast of the Sea of Galilee. Together we will work to bring to the public the Cardo, which is the ancient Roman market in Tiberius, as well as synagogues from that period. In addition you will have the opportunity to learn about:

    ● Archaeological Site Preservation and Restoration
    ● Economic Development of the site
    ● Tourism and Marketing

    Important Information

    All participants are responsible for cost of and arranging their own flights.  Applications will close on May 15th, 2018 or earlier if the program fills.

    July 1st – August 12th, 2018

    Program Cost
    $500 – Includes accommodations, two meals a day, and programming.

    Dorm-style housing in our Blue Khan in the city of Tzfat. Tzfat is home to a hip and artistic community; full of galleries, local and organic food, spiritual learning, live music events, open mic nights, local wineries and craft beers made right here in Tzfat.

    The number of participants to an apartment or room is dependent on the size of the
    accommodations and number of participants on the program.

    While meeting common standards, Onward Israel housing differs by program and even within a
    program. To learn more about this and other Onward Israel housing details, please visit our housing
    FAQ .

    Acceptance Criteria

    This program is open to young adults from around the world with an interest in working in this area:
    ● Between 20-27 years old who have NOT spent 3 or more months in Israel as part of an educational or peer-program (this includes semester abroad, gap year or any other MASA or Onward Israel program)
    ● Applicants must be fluent in English.
    ● Previous participation in Taglit-Birthright Israel is encouraged for any eligible applicants.

    Sample volunteer opportunities
    Projects in coordination with the Israel Antiquities Authority:
    ● Excavations in the ancient city of Tiberias and on the coast of the Sea of Galilee.
    ● Bringing  the ancient Roman  Cardo( market)  in Tiberius to the public.
    ● Uncovering synagogues from 1st and 2nd centuries.

    For More Information

    admissions@livnot.org or call us 1.888.8Livnot (USA)

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