• Bar Ilan University Data Science Workshop

    This summer program is a theoretical and practical introduction to broad topics in data science.


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    Theoretical and practical introduction to broad topics in data science:
    Students will learn basic concepts of data science
    Students will learn the theoretical basis and principles of commonly used methods in data science
    Students will develop an understanding of the fundamental limitations and advantages of the different methods
    Students will practice analysis of real data-sets emphasizing common challenges and pitfalls

    More specific topics:
    Basic programming skills – Python
    Analysis of complex network
    Statistical estimation methods
    Data clustering and complex physical potentials.
    Popular application of clustering algorithms
    Deep learning and the Physics of phase transitions
    Hands-On Experience (Research Project):

    Real world data such as medical data (EEG, ECG, EMG) will be provided on which students could work on to detect events such as sleep-stage transitions, sleep apnea episodes, transitions from rest to exercise, etc.

    Important Information

    During the first three weeks, the students will be introduced to the subject by Dr. Amir Bashan, Dr. Stas Borov and Dr. Roni Bartash, while in the last three weeks the students will used the techniques acquired in the first half to analyze real-world data.

    Program Dates
    Sunday, July 7 2019 – Thursday, August 15 2019

    $2,100 for eligible students who have received a stipend from Onward Israel of up to $1,940. The full cost is $4,040.

    This Onward Israel program is operated through a partnership between Onward Israel and Bar-Ilan University (The Physics Department).

    Acceptance Criteria

    This program is intended for third-year or higher undergraduate and graduate students in Physics, Mathematics or Engineering.

    For More Information Contact The Bar-Ilan International School

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