• Onward Israel Xtra

    What is Onward Israel Xtra?

    A 4 week remote summer extension program for highly motivated participants who want to continue interning remotely and connect their time on the ground in Israel to their future careers and future selves

    How does it work?

    Participants will be invited to apply to the program. Applications will open at the end of April 2021.

    If you are selected to move forward, you will have a short phone interview, and you will need to work with your employer (with the help of your internship coordinator) to ensure you can continue interning remotely.

    In addition to the extended internship, participants of the program will take part in education and enrichment activities.

    Participants will be informed of their status on the extension program by the third week of their Onward Israel program. Acceptance is contingent and only final after the start of the internship.

    What is the overall time commitment and dates of the extension program?

    You will work closely with your employer in order to create meaningful work for the 4 remote weeks. On average, participants will intern 20 hours per week and about 80 hours all together.

    Track 1: Sunday, August 8 – Thursday, September 2

    For programs beginning June 9 or earlier

    Track 2: Sunday, September 5 – Thursday, September 30

    For programs beginning June 16 or later

    What if my Onward Israel program ends weeks before the start of the extension?

    Use that time to travel, settle in back at home or on campus, or refresh before diving back into your internship. Onward Israel is only responsible for participants and the work with their employers from the first official day to the last official day of the extension program.

    How will my work shift from in person to remote?

    Throughout the entire duration of the program, you will work with your employer to set guidelines for projects and tasks. While remote, you may be given a project to complete over a few weeks or smaller projects to complete every week depending on your specific placement.

    What if my employer does not want to work with me remotely? Can I find another placement?

    Acceptance is contingent upon an employer’s ability to build out a remote internship. Unfortunately, if an employer does not want to continue the internship remotely, applicants will not be accepted and finding another placement is not an option.

    What do the education and enrichment sessions entail?

    Participants are required to attend 1 session per week. The sessions will explore Jewish engagement, professional development and community engagement in the following ways:

    • Communicating your Onward Israel story
    • Resume writing expertise
    • Networking best practices
    • Fostering local connections
    • Remote work skill building

    Is there an extra cost for the program?

    Accepted participants will be required to submit a $50 program fee. Note this is in addition the program fee that has already been paid. Security deposits cannot be used towards the cost of the extension program.

    What is the benefit of participating?

    Participants will be able to build their resume beyond the 8 week experience on the ground and learn best practices for how to work remotely as this talent is in high demand. These valuable skills will propel participants forward in their careers, allow them to increase opportunities for continued professional engagement with their employer, and make new connections with other participants on the extension program who they may not have met otherwise.


    This is program is by invitation only.  Please contact Desiree Neissani at desireen@onwardisrael.org for any questions