1. What is Onward Israel Remote?

    Onward Israel Remote (OIR) is a unique opportunity we are offering this year in light of the COVID-19 epidemic. Being that we won’t be able to run our traditional program in a safe and healthy way, we decided to offer this alternative that will still enable you to learn more about Israel while growing personally and professionally.  OIR will enable you to intern for an Israeli company or organization from home providing value for them and advancing your career. The internship requirement will be 120 hours.

    2. Does participating on the Onward Israel Jinternship Remote affect my eligibility for coming to Onward Israel in the future?

    Participating on the Onward Israel Jinternship Remote program will not affect your eligibility for coming on future Onward Israel programs.

    3. How long do I have to decide if I want to apply for Onward Israel Jinternship Remote?

    We are operating under a short timeline (less than 2 months to finalize the placement), therefore we ask candidates to apply by May 15 ,2020.

    4. What type of internship will be offered through Onward Israel Jinternship Remote?

    Internships for this track will be offered only in fields that are able to accommodate remote projects. Most internships will be offered in the following fields: business development, programming, graphic design, research, architecture , think tanks, marketing, social media. Please note that we can’t guarantee every candidate an internship, as spots are limited.

    In some cases we might be able to offer internships in additional fields.

    As part of the placement process we encourage our participants to take an active role and research for options and their own as well.

    In any case, the final placement is dependent on both the candidate’s experience and the company’s needs.

    5. If I was already placed at a company, can I keep my placement for the remote option?

    We will do our best to convert the internship you were already matched with so that it can be done remotely. Please keep in mind that we can’t guarantee this, since it depends on the host organization’s needs.

    6. What are the dates of the program?

    The program will run from June 1st, 2020 – August 6th, 2020. During these dates, you will need to complete all of your internship requirements as well as attend the online educational activities.

    7. What is required of me as a participant on Onward Israel Jinternship Remote?

    As a participant on the Onward Israel Jinternship Remote program, you will be expected to be fully enrolled and engaged in the program. This includes completing and delivering the internship related tasks as outlined by the internship supervisor. Joining in weekly check in calls and responding to emails.

    Attending and participating in the online educational and enrichment sessions.

    8. How long will the matching process take place?

    Once you have been accepted to the program and pay your program fee, your internship coordinator will start working with you immediately to match you with a remote internship. The process can take a few weeks . The process will start with an internship consultation which among other things will be reviewing your interests, goals and what you can contribute to an Israeli company. After that you will be given a placement suggestion and your coordinator will help set up an interview with the potential placement.

    It’s important that you remain flexible and open minded through the process.

    9. How many hours a day do I need to work for? 

    The summer internship will be project based (in some cases it may involve more than one project). Your internship coordinator will work with you and the host organization to create a clear project description (main objectives, measures of success, timeline, etc.).

    The amount of work for the whole program is estimated to be about 120 hours (an average of 15-20 hours per week).

    In a case where a company requires more than 120 hours, this will need to be agreed upon by all parties in writing (the company, the intern and the internship coordinator).

    In any case, the participant still needs to follow the educational requirements of the program

    10. How do I sign up for the education/enrichment sessions run by Onward Israel ?

    Some of the education and enrichment sessions will be run by the Jinternship staff and some will be run by Onward Israel. Following acceptance to the program, participants will receive an email invitation to choose from the Onward Israel online activities that they will participate in during Onward Israel Jinternship Remote. Activities will take place at regularly scheduled time slots during the week. The schedule for all activities and their descriptions will be included in the enrichment and education invitation to enroll.