• The Onward Israel Buzz

    Onward Israel continues to move full speed ahead. Summer applicants have surpassed the 5,000 mark; up 25% from 2017. Expected number of summer participants: 2200. Our research shows that satisfied alumni spreading the word are the strongest source of recruitment.

    The Onward buzz is rapidly gaining momentum on college campuses throughout North America and beyond. Alumni are returning to their campuses and spreading the word about their amazing internship experiences, personal growth, new relationships and connection to Israel.

    Insights on Onward’s recruitment strategies show:  

    • Satisfied alumni continue to be the strongest source of applicants. Combined, the “family and friend” source and the “Onward alumni” source account for 58% of our applicant pool.
    • Hillel staff, and in particular Israel fellows and BICEP professionals, have become an integral part of Onward Israel marketing.
    • More than 200 applicants learned about Onward Israel from the Birthright Excel program.
    • An additional 120 applicants were generated by visits of Onward Israel staff to birthright groups in the year before their application to Onward Israel.
    • Masa continues to be a steady source of Onward Israel applicants, generating 5% or 180 applicants.
    • Open campus events and presence in Study Abroad and Career Center offices has resulted in another 5% of applicants.
      • Social media campaigns have resulted in 3% of applicants.