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    A special select few Onward Israel programs are offered in Haifa. Here you can learn more about this unbelievable city and then see if one of our Haifa programs is right for you! 

    “Spending the summer in Haifa was absolutely one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. The city is so vibrant and diverse, relaxed and easy going. The downtown area where we lived, along with the surrounding mountains and beaches very quickly became my home.” – Rachel B., Onward Israel Boston Haifa, Summer 2018 


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    Haifa is one of Israel’s major port cities. The city reflects the broad human diversity of the Galilee at large – including Jews, Muslim & Christian Arabs, and Druze. Each of Haifa’s neighborhoods tells its own story about the past, present, and future of the city.


    Haifa is home to some of the best restaurants in Israel, most of which are considered hidden gems in the country. 


    Hof HaCarmel is the coastal area on Haifa’s western side known for its beaches

    Night Life

    Haifa has a great night life scene, in downtown Haifa and at the Carmel Centre. There are many bars and clubs, with great prices (definitely not Tel Aviv prices).


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