• Coronavirus Updates

    Updated: May 10, 2021

    Israel has been a world leader in COVID-19 vaccinations and per capita, Israel is among the most vaccinated countries in the world. From Spring 2021, wide spread vaccinations in Israel have significantly reduced  COVID-19 transmission rates. With that said, Onward Israel participants will be required to take a PCR test before their flight and an additional PCR test upon arrival in Israel as well as fill out an inboard passenger statement for travel to Israel which can be found at https://corona.health.gov.il/en/flights.  

    Onward Israel remains steadfastly committed to providing a meaningful, impactful, summer experience to each and every participant on all  of our summer 2021 programs. We have planned the summer with the well-being of our participants as a cardinal concern. 

    All vaccinated or recovered participants may be able to shorten their quarantine period by carrying out a serological test upon arrival in Israel which will be arranged for by the program organizer. Other participants will be required to enter a 10-14 day quarantine period which will be carried out within the framework of the Onward Israel program.   

    Onward Israel continues to be in close contact with our partners at Masa and at the Jewish Agency regarding Israeli health policy and its implications on all relevant aspects for our participants and programs. Onward Israel will continue to provide up to date information through our website and through the ongoing direct communication with program participants by organizers, local partners and Onward Israel staff. 

    If you have any other questions, please contact us at inquiries@onwardisrael.org and visit our website periodically for important updates. 

    The spread of the Coronavirus has dramatically influenced life across the globe, including in Israel. In order to confront the virus, Israel has enacted a series of substantial restrictions, the details of which change in accordance with the status of COVID rates in the country as decided by the Government.  Over 60% of the Israeli population has now received their first COVID-19, vaccination, and 50% have received their second. As of now, the Israeli Government has removed many of the existing restrictions and, plans in a gradual way, and in line with COVID-19 case rates, to continue on this path. For more updates and details on the current situation in Israel, https://govextra.gov.il/ministry-of-health/corona/corona-virus-en/

    General Flight Info

    Currently, only Israeli citizens and foreign nationals who have entry clearance (entry permits) are permitted to fly into Israel. At this time all participants who are on Onward-Masa programs (and are masa eligible) are considered within this category. Onward Israel are still working on securing independent entry permits for those participants who are not on Onward-Masa programs or are not masa-eligible.

    All participants arriving in Israel will be required to take a PCR test conducted within 72 hours prior to the scheduled departure to Israel, the results of which will need to be presented to airline staff before boarding the plane. This requirement also applies to people with a vaccination certificate or a certificate of recovery and entry to Israel depends on complying with this requirement. Additionally, participants will be required to submit an inbound passenger statement within 24 hours prior to departure to Israel (information of this will be provided to Onward participants closer to the program start date).

    Participants will also need to take an additional PCR test upon arrival in Israel.

    All participants* will currently need to enter a 10-14 day quarantine period which will be carried out within the framework of the Onward Israel program. *Vaccinated or recovered participants may be able to shorten their quarantine period by carrying out a serological test upon arrival in Israel but details of this are yet to be clarified.

    Participants returning from Israel to Canada: In the coming weeks, Canadians will be required to take a COVID-19 molecular test on arrival at their own cost, and reserve a room in a Government of Canada-approved hotel for three nights at their own cost, while they await their test results. They will still be required to complete the remainder of the mandatory 14-day quarantine after their mandatory stay in the hotel. For more information and to stay updated with Canadian Travel Restrictions, please visit: https://travel.gc.ca/travel-covid/travel-restrictions/flying-canada-checklist

    For more information regarding Israel Air Travel you can visit https://www.gov.il/en/departments/guides/flying-to-israel-guidlines

    Program Viability & Cancellations

    Although we are still in the midst of coping with COVID-19 and its widespread impact on many aspects of our lives, at Onward Israel we are confident that we can continue to engage the majority of our participants with Israel and provide professional development opportunities in 2020/2021 whether in person or remotely. 

    We remain hopeful that we will be able to run our summer programs in Israel and have started to make formal decisions about summer program statuses. At this point, we have decided to run most of our programs on the ground in Israel but more program decisions will be continue to be rolled out over the next few weeks. Participants will get a week grace period to decide how they wish to proceed based on the program status i.e. opt in for remote (if applicable), withdraw, or continue with an in-person program (if applicable). If participants choose to continue with a remote internship, they will pay only $150 for their program and the rest of their program fee will be refunded. If the participant chooses to withdraw or if the program is cancelled, they will receive a full refund of their program fee.   

    In the meantime, we have taken several steps to allow our programs to go forward, even under the current challenges and conditions of uncertainty:

    • Onward Israel will arrange entry permits into Israel through Masa for program participants who fit a certain eligibility requirement and are on an Onward Israel-Masa Program. For those participants who currently don’t fit the eligibility requirement, and are not on an Onward Israel-Masa programs, Onward Israel is currently working on a solution for securing additional entry permits and will update participants accordingly.
    • Participants can begin their internships and have educational experiences even during the initial period of quarantine, if such a period is required.
    • Many internships can be conducted remotely and we have created distance learning programs should the program not be able to take place in Israel.

    The above policies are geared to allow us to responsibly proceed with registration and program management, despite the uncertainty surrounding the future. In this light, we also encourage participants to responsibly manage their travel commitments. Onward Israel is not responsible for participants’ travel to and from the program.


    For those participants who are vaccinated against, or recovered from COVID-19, there is still some uncertainty about whether such vaccinations or recovery documentation will be recognized by the state of Israel and at this time, a serological test upon arrival in Israel is needed to confirm this information. Based on the premise that the results of the Serological test are positive, we still do not know what this means in terms of gaining access to places in Israel that only allow vaccinated/COVID recovered people.

    For more detailed information regarding other aspects of COVID-19 in respect of our Onward Israel programs, please see our COVID-19 Guidelines for Onward Israel Programs 2021, or watch the video below which provides more details about our approach to running programs this summer.