• Coronavirus Updates

    Updated: February 9, 2021

    The spread of the Coronavirus has dramatically influenced life across the globe, including in Israel. In order to confront the virus, Israel has enacted a series of substantial restrictions, the details of which change in accordance with the status of COVID rates in the country as decided by the Government. Please refer to the English webpage of the Israeli Ministry of Health for updates and details on the current situation in Israel.

    As of February 9, 2021 and until February 20, 2021 the Israeli Government has decided to close the Ben Gurion airport in order to allow for the advancement of the vaccination campaign in Israel to provide the basis for a gradual lessening of COVID-19 restrictions. Nearly 40% of the Israeli population has now received their first COVID-19 vaccination. Beginning on Sunday February 7th, the Israeli Government began to remove many of the existing restrictions and plans in a gradual way, and in line with COVID-19 case rates, to continue on this path.

    We remain hopeful that we will be able to run our summer programs in Israel and will begin to make formal decisions about summer program status near the end of March.

    For more updates and details on the current situation in Israel , https://govextra.gov.il/ministry-of-health/corona/corona-virus-en/

    Please view this video providing more details about our approach to running programs this summer.

    Although we are still in the midst of coping with COVID-19 and its widespread impact on many aspects of our lives, at Onward Israel we are confident that we can continue to engage our participants with Israel and provide professional development opportunities in 2020/2021. Our hope is to successfully conduct programs on the ground in Israel, and thus we have taken several steps to allow our programs to go forward, even under the current challenges and conditions of uncertainty:

    · At this juncture, we can obtain entry permits into Israel for participants on many of our programs

    · Participants can begin their internships and have educational experiences even during the initial period of quarantine, if such a period is required

    · Many internships can be conducted remotely and we have distance learning programs as well if the program cannot take place in Israel

    · We will make final decisions about the status of each program two months before the program start date, based on conditions at that time. At that point, programs may become remote programs or will be cancelled. If participants choose to continue with a remote internship, they will pay only $100- $150 for their program and the rest of their program fee will be refunded. If the participant chooses to withdraw or if the program is cancelled, they will receive a full refund of their program fee

    Since the internship placement process takes time, we recommend getting started early with the application process. The above policies are geared to allow us to responsibly proceed with registration and program management, despite the uncertainty surrounding the future. In this light, we also encourage participants to responsibly manage their travel commitments. Onward Israel is not responsible for participants’ travel to and from the program.