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    26th of June 2017

    Just Getting Started

    This post first appeared on Israel Campus Roundtable. It’s finally here! My first week living here in Tel Aviv has been everything I could hope for. From shakshuka night, to eating falafel at the Carmel Market, to relaxing on the stunning beaches of Tel Aviv, to volunteering at a preschool of asylum-seekers’ kids, and especially […]

    20th of June 2017

    From ‘Seeing There’ to ‘Being There’

    Onward Israel as Strenuous Travel Onward Israel participants are arriving in Israel. I am excited to meet them, to greet them, to watch them take their first steps in Israel as Onward Israel participants and interns. When I meet them, we do not know each other. They are still getting oriented and acclimated. I am […]

    16th of June 2017

    Onward Israel Week 1

    This post first appeared on Cincy Journeys. Shalom Cincinnati! Our names are Andrea Goldstein and Yael Friedstrom, and for the next 8 weeks we will be sharing our experiences on Onward Israel with all of you. Each week, we will share a different aspect of our personal journeys, but we decided to write our first […]

    4th of June 2017

    The Heart of Onward Israel

    The beginning of summer in earnest here in Israel means that we are about to get into the heart of Onward Israel. More than 600 participants (a full third of our full slate of 1800 for the summer) will arrive this week- from Haifa to Jerusalem and of course in almost every corner of Tel […]

    16th of May 2017

    Looking Onward

    I am happy for this new opportunity to communicate with you once again – now as part of our new Onward Israel newsletter, no longer a stand-alone update. I hope you enjoy this new format and through it, feel part of the vibrancy, excitement and passion of the Onward Israel experience for our more than […]