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    9th of July 2017

    Adventures and Love

    This post first appeared on Israel Campus Roundtable. After several more workdays, grocery runs in the shuk (market), and Shabbatot in Jerusalem, I finally made my way to the old city to see the light show. I pushed my way through mobs of people, took selfies in front of countless light exhibits and finally reached the Kotel. Exploring Jerusalem at […]

    7th of July 2017

    Exploring the Cultures

    This post first appeared on Israel Campus Roundtable. What an eventful two weeks! Coming into this program, I knew that I would learn a lot from my internship. However, I did not expect to learn so much from the program as well! Last week, we went on a trip to the south. We started at an […]

    3rd of July 2017

    Jam-Packed Action

    This post first appeared on Israel Campus Roundtable. My first two weeks in Israel were absolutely jam-packed.  Acclimating to the program was swift and easy. I was lucky enough to find roommates I became fast friends with, and soon after, I began my internship at the Jerusalem Post, which has definitely not been disappointing. Just […]

    1st of July 2017

    Discovering Oneself

    This post first appeared on Israel Campus Roundtable. Just over one week ago I landed in Israel, a place that is simultaneously foreign yet familiar. This is my fifth trip to the country. When Israelis find out that I don’t have any family in the country yet chose to travel here so frequently they are confused […]

    30th of June 2017

    Onward Israel Week 3

    This post first appeared on Cincy Journeys. We have officially been living in Tel Aviv for three weeks and are loving every second of it. The group has completely adjusted to the daily life here in Israel and we are overjoyed by how lucky we are to be here this summer. We have now completed three […]

    29th of June 2017

    Will the Real Hummus Please Stand Up?

    Originally posted on the Tryna Grub Blog Jared Witt is a senior at Miami University studying marketing with a co-major in business analytics, and is currently participating in the Onward Israel program.  Jared will spend the next two months working as an intern at an Israeli startup, Tryna Grub, in Tel Aviv. In these two blogs, he shares […]

    28th of June 2017

    Jerusalem Beginnings

    This post first appeared on Israel Campus Roundtable. I’ve already learned so much on the Onward program including where to find the cheapest delicious falafel, how to travel from Jerusalem to Tel Aviv, and not to eat Marzipan rugelach while typing a blog post because chocolate will get on your computer keys. On the bus […]

    27th of June 2017

    Onward Israel Week 2

    This post first appeared on Cincy Journeys. Welcome back! As you may have guessed, the Cincinnati group has been very busy in Tel Aviv since the last blog post. Some of our recent activities include touring the Old City of Jerusalem, getting to know other Americans interning in Israel, jelly-fishing at the beach (any Spongebob […]

    26th of June 2017

    Just Getting Started

    This post first appeared on Israel Campus Roundtable. It’s finally here! My first week living here in Tel Aviv has been everything I could hope for. From shakshuka night, to eating falafel at the Carmel Market, to relaxing on the stunning beaches of Tel Aviv, to volunteering at a preschool of asylum-seekers’ kids, and especially […]

    20th of June 2017

    From ‘Seeing There’ to ‘Being There’

    Onward Israel as Strenuous Travel Onward Israel participants are arriving in Israel. I am excited to meet them, to greet them, to watch them take their first steps in Israel as Onward Israel participants and interns. When I meet them, we do not know each other. They are still getting oriented and acclimated. I am […]