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    13th of February 2018

    Onward Inspired: Danielle Margiotta

    Danielle grew up in Montville, New Jersey. The middle daughter of two computer science majors, Danielle chose to major in studio art. “This was way out of my family’s comfort zone,” says Danielle laughing. During her sophomore year, and upon her brother Derek’s graduation from college (finance major), the two siblings decided to do a […]

    12th of February 2018

    CEO Corner: The New Onward App

    Taking Connection to the Next Level Available in the Apple App Store and on Google Play, the app is downloaded by participants before they come on their program and stays with them long after they return home. The Onward Israel App is a gateway to the program and to Israel. It offers exciting opportunities for […]

    8th of February 2018

    Summer Registration Takes Off

    Eighty programs will be running this summer, from Haifa in the north to Be’ersheva in the south. The scope of programs has grown, and participants can choose from a broad range of internship experiences. These include arts and culture, communications and social media, computer science and start-ups, diversity and social justice, sustainability and green energy […]

    20th of November 2017

    Looking Onward #10

    Seven Years On As we open Year 7 of Onward Israel, I am pleased to provide this short update. The first of our Winter 2017-8 programs begin in two weeks. Currently we are scheduled to include more than 320 participants, a growth of some 20% over last year’s winter cohort. We are proud of our […]

    11th of August 2017

    Onward Israel Week 8

    This post first appeared on Cincy Journeys. 40 hours later and we finally made it back to Cincinnati! What would our returning travel experience be without (another) flight cancellation and night spent in a Newark hotel? For our last post, we will be reflecting on our individual experiences with Onward Israel this summer. Andrea: Six months […]

    7th of August 2017

    Emily: Onward Participant Spotlight

    This post first appeared on JewishCleveland.org. My name is Emily Friedman and I am interning [through Onward Israel] at the startup Daystage. I can honestly say that living in Tel Aviv for the past two months has been the happiest two months of my life. There is something about this city and the people in […]

    6th of August 2017

    Connecting with the Country

    This post first appeared on Israel Campus Roundtable. As I reflect upon all the adventures I’ve had, I also think about all I was able to learn in the process. At my internship, I had the opportunity to learn about my field, chemical engineering, and the world of petrochemicals. Just last week I had the […]

    4th of August 2017

    Abby: Onward Participant Spotlight

    This post first appeared on JewishCleveland.org. Hi! My name is Abby Nikiforovs and I am a rising senior at the Ohio State University, studying International Relations and Diplomacy and Hebrew. This summer, I am interning [through Onward Israel] at a documentary film development company called Greenhouse. Each year, the program helps first and second time […]

    3rd of August 2017

    Life in Jerusalem

    This post first appeared on Israel Campus Roundtable. Just as it was challenging to adjust to Israeli culture two months ago, I know it won’t be easy to readjust to life in New Jersey. I’ve grown accustomed to the convenience of city life, to the peace and quiet of Jerusalem Shabbatot, to sunny days and […]

    2nd of August 2017

    Onward Israel Week 7

    This post first appeared on Cincy Journeys. This week marked our last official week of work… it feels so weird to say that out loud. This was a work week full of goodbyes and lots of thank you celebrations from our coworkers and bosses for our hard work at their companies this summer. This week, […]