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    30th of May 2019

    Summer 2019 Begins

    Our very first program of the summer has begun, with the arrival of the first cohort of the Camp Counselor program. This small group is the harbinger of the main section of this program who will arrive a week later. Representing eleven different camps, these forty eight participants (the largest cohort ever), will return directly […]

    4th of April 2019

    Looking Onward: Our 8th Summer Taking Shape

    As the elections in Israel draw closer and the first blossoms of spring begin to add color to Israel’s beautiful landscape, I wanted to take this opportunity to feature some highlights of our largest ever winter season and to give an advance taste of what we hope will be an equally exciting summer. And I […]

    5th of December 2018

    Looking Onward: Let the Winter Games Begin!

    The Festival of Lights, even with the extra calories that come with it, is a festive time and a ripe opportunity to think about the Jewish story over the ages. Hanukah’s unique message, combining the establishment of national independence with the challenge of preserving our heritage and identity in the wider society is of particular […]

    20th of August 2018

    Q&A with Gabby from Onward Israel Pittsburgh

    How’d you hear about Onward Israel? I heard about it from a sorority sister at my school, we were talking about doing things for the summer and looking for an internship and she told me that she had a really great experience dong Onward the summer before. Where do you go to school? I going […]

    26th of July 2018

    Guide to Jerusalem

    WHERE TO EAT: Brunch/Lunch Tmol Shilshom Yoel Moshe Salomon 5 Café Kadosh Slomtzion Street 6 Nocturno Bezalel 7 Café Nadi Shmuel HaNagid 5 Café de Paris Sderot Ben Maimon 1 Azura HaEshkol 4 (A must-go-to for lunch!) Friday Brunch Buffet: Café Rimon Lunz 4 Piccolino Yoel Moshe Salomon 12 Vegan: Village Green Yoel Moshe Salomon […]

    23rd of July 2018

    Daniel S.: Onward Participant Spotlight

    This post first appeared on Israel Campus Roundtable. Daniel Shoham, Brandeis University ’20, is interning this summer with Neot Geriatric Hospital with Onward Israel Boston, Haifa.  I feel as though my internship at the geriatric hospital is just starting to pick up. Upon arriving at the hospital, I don’t think the purpose of occupational therapy was […]

    12th of July 2018

    Eating in Israel on a Budget

    One highlight of spending the summer in Israel is getting to immerse yourself in one of the best food scenes in the world. But as a summer intern, still a college student or a recent grad, and maybe this is even your first time living on your own in an apartment, budgeting for food can […]

    3rd of July 2018

    Getting Acquainted With Israel

    Sometimes, there are things in Israel that simply take a while to get used to. We created this list so you know what to expect as some of these differences. Flexibility The most important reminder is to be adaptable. Approach everything with an open mind and be open to change and new ideas. Things are […]

    26th of June 2018

    Guide to White Night

    Don’t be alarmed if the streets of Tel Aviv seem particularly lively on Thursday June 28th, it’s White Night! White Night, or Laila Lavan in Hebrew, is a city-wide party that has been a tradition since 2003 when UNESCO declared Tel Aviv’s “White City” a World Heritage Site for its culture and architecture. The city will […]

    1st of June 2018

    The Camp Counselor Program

    My name is Amanda Kaplan, and I’m from Sharon, Massachusetts and I have been living and working in Israel for the past two weeks on the Onward Israel Camp Counselor program. After Onward Israel, I am returning to Camp Yavneh, a Jewish overnight camp in Northwood, New Hampshire, for my tenth summer to work as […]