• Career Passport 2023 Programs – Information for Employers

    Program Dates:
    Summer Track: August 9-September 6, 2023 
    Fall Track: October 16-November 12, 2023
    Winter Track: November 29 – December 27, 2023.

    • Program Description: Career Passport is a 4-week program taking place in Tel Aviv, Israel that is designed to provide young Jewish professionals (ages 22-36) around the world the opportunity to enhance their career paths with an immersive living experience in Israel.  This program allows participants to continue their existing employment without interruption, but to do so remotely from Israel for four weeks, with weekly enrichment programming as well as professional development and networking opportunities. There is no cost to employers from an employee participating in the program
    • Benefits to Employer: Many people have been working remotely from their homes for almost three years. Young people in particular are seeking a change of scenery for their remote-work environment.  Research from the Harvard Business Review reveals that workers who can choose their remote-working location, even temporarily, are more productive and happier. The vibrant and innovative professional culture of Tel Aviv –one of the world’s leading hubs of the modern economy – will have a positive benefit for employee morale and loyalty, and the networking opportunities of the program itself may benefit your company’s business
    • Internet Access: All participants will be placed in housing in Tel Aviv with reliable and fast WiFi for seamless connectivity. Participants will also be given the option of working from co-working spaces
    • Work Hours/Time Zones: Participants’ availability will overlap for a substantial portion of the day with their employer’s standard work hours. It will be important for program participants and employers to agree on a general work schedule during the program. During the program dates, Israel is 7 hours ahead of Eastern Time (i.e. NYC time) and just 1-2 hours ahead of Europe. While participants might have some free time or program activities during the mornings, they will be fully available in the afternoons and evenings (local Israeli time) for work. Participant tour days within Israel will take place on Sundays so as not to interrupt the work-week
    • No Tax/Payroll Implications to Employers: Applicants must be based in one of the countries that has a bilateral tax treaty with the State of Israel – including the United States, Canada, EU countries, and FSU countries. The full list of countries can be found here. An employee’s participation in the 4-week program should not change any tax withholding of income by the employer.  Participants and their employers will submit one-page declaration forms to conform to a favorable ruling by the Israel Tax Authority
    • COVID-19 Policy: All participants in the Career Passport program are required to comply with all COVID-19 policies of their home country and of Israel. 
    • Program Partners:
      • Onward Israel, a part of Birthright Israel, is a global not-for-profit organization that offers exciting resumé and career building opportunities to young professionals through programs in Israel.
      • Various Jewish Federations and Jewish community organizations in North America and globally.