• Career Passport FAQ

    • What is Career Passport?

    Onward Israel Career Passport is a new concept in immersive Israel experiences that allows Jewish young professionals (ages 22 – 32) around the world to bring their jobs remotely to Israel for 4 weeks.  Participants live in Tel Aviv alongside peers from different places, backgrounds, and professional pursuits.  Onward Israel provides participants with weekly enrichment programming, social opportunities, day trips and retreats.

    • Who is eligible to participate?

    Jewish individuals ages 22-32 who are currently employed and have not participated in an organized program in Israel of at least 3 months’ duration.  Additionally, for tax purposes, participants must live in a country that has a Double Taxation Prevention treaty with Israel.  Currently, there are approximately 71 such countries, and they are listed here.

    • What does the educational program entail?

    Onward Israel will develop and oversee the implementation of educational content and program operations.  There are three main educational content components:

      • Israel Now Days – Each day-long educational outing will focus on a different element of Israel’s complex realities and diversity of voices.
      • Weekly Morning Meetings – morning workshops to dig deeper into select issues, allowing for learning, reflection, discussion, socializing and group bonding.
      • Shabbaton Retreat – A weekend seminar providing an opportunity to review the program and participants’ personal and professional achievements and take-aways as they prepare to return to their home communities.
    • What about housing & internet access?

    The program will provide housing accommodations in Tel Aviv in shared apartments or single hotel rooms. Participants will have their own bedroom.  Accommodations will have reliable WiFi. Participants will also be given the option of working from a co-working space.

    • What are the work hours, and what about time zones?

    Participants will continue their jobs remotely.  It will be important for program participants and employers to agree on a general work schedule during the program. Generally, Israel is 7 hours ahead of Eastern Time (i.e. NYC time). During the workweek, participants will be available in the afternoons and evenings (local Israeli time) for work, whereas most mornings will be for free time and some program activities.

    • Who is responsible for airfare, food, insurance, and travel inside Israel?

    In addition to housing, educational content, and access to a co-working space, the program provides basic medical insurance while in Israel, and a monthly bus pass. Participants are responsible for their own airfare, and their own food needs during the program.

    • Are there any tax implications?

    Participants and their employers will need to sign forms with certain declarations for tax purposes, in order to avoid double taxation.

    • What is the COVID-19 Policy?

    Please refer to Onward Israel’s updated COVID-19 here.

    For more information, please contact Lena Kushnir at lenaku@onwardisrael.org