• Alumni Experience Advisors

    Onward Israel Alumni are invited to participate in our new peer-mentorship opportunity. Alumni Experience Advisors provide personal and direct touch points for Onward Israel applicants, helping clarify expectations of the program and providing an outlet to answer questions about the experience. Based on feedback we have collected over the last few years, we believe that Onward Israel Alumni—because of their first-hand experience with the program—are uniquely able to help applicants as they work through and finalize their plans.

    If you are passionate about sharing your Onward Israel experience with others and making a positive impact on future participants, this opportunity is right for you. We are excited to work with interested Onward Alumni to improve the applicant experience and grow interest in Onward Israel for years to come.

    Experience Advisors are:
    ~Onward Israel Alumni from any year (2012-22), including Onward Israel Remote alumni
    ~Students or Young Professionals who have completed at least two years of their undergraduate university studies
    ~Individuals who are committed to enhancing the Onward Israel experience for future participants
    ~Excited to make meaningful connections with other alumni and potential Onward Israel participants
    ~Have a professional attitude and feel confident representing Onward Israel
    ~Independent people who are organized and dependable

    Experience advisors will be asked to:
    ~Participate in a one-hour virtual training session
    ~Dedicate 1-3 hours per month communicating with a minimum of 3 Onward Israel applicants
    ~Communicate with a minimum of 3 Onward Israel applicants using a video chat platform of your choice
    ~Following up with applicants via email or direct messaging
    ~Share ongoing feedback by responding to short surveys and sharing important information with the Onward Israel staff along the way

    This is a volunteer position with limited space available.  Please contact Yoni Mann at yonima@onwardisrael.org with any questions at all.

    Click here to apply.