• Alumni Advisory Council

    The Onward Israel Alumni Advisory Council brings together a group of high-level and critically thinking Onward Israel alumni, committed to assisting Onward Israel continued growth and development, to advise staff and lay leaders on issues related to Onward Israel programs.

    Who We Are Looking For:

    • Onward Israel Alumni from any year (2012-21), including Onward Israel Remote alumni
    • Students or Young Professionals who have completed at least two years of their undergraduate university studies
    • Individuals who are innovative and can work with Onward Israel leadership to enhance the Onward Israel participant experience
    • Individuals who have previous leadership and organizational experience
    • Individuals invested in the success of Onward Israel and are interested in having a direct impact on its future direction


    • A professional attitude and ability to contribute to discussions regarding Onward Israel planning as it relates to its educational curriculum, alumni engagement, questions regarding logistics and more
    • Participation on monthly Onward Israel Alumni Advisory Committee meetings throughout the calendar year, to take place via a webinar platform
    • A willingness to serve on the Advisory Committee for at least one year
    • Participation in one in-person annual Onward Israel Alumni Advisory Committee Retreat in the spring of 2022, should conditions be safe to do so
    • Engagement with other Onward Israel alumni regarding major Onward Israel initiatives
    • Intent to recruit Onward Israel participants through an outreach project guided by Onward Israel staff
    • 20 hours of consultations to advise Onward Israel staff and lay leadership on key questions and issues throughout the year

    What Will Committee Members Receive:

    • The opportunity to be part of a highly selective committee of peers who will influence decisions related to future Onward Israel programs
    • Mentorship in marketing, recruitment and fundraising

    Council members will be required to attend ALL of the monthly webinars and the in person retreat in the spring (so long as conditions for this in-person meeting are safe).

    Applications will be open through September 31. Interviews will be conducted via Zoom until October 19. The new cohort will be notified by October 21, 2021.