• The FutureIL was Now - 07/17/2019

    by Ilan Wanger

    After months of planning, outreach and preparation, the first ever FutureIL Job and Opportunity Fair took place in Tel Aviv on June 24 with the attendance of 2750 young people- participants from Onward Israel, Masa programs, new immigrant programs and internationals living, working and studying in Tel Aviv. The event featured job and opportunity booths, workshops, a series of Ted Talks and a closing concert. It was kicked off by a VIP reception with 100 guests including the lead funders of the initiative from North America, Israeli business leaders and representatives both of companies which have absorbed internationals into the Israeli work force as well as internationals who have successfully integrated into the Israeli economy. The impact of the fair itself has been augmented and expanded by use of the Jobolix platform which allows individuals and companies to upload profiles, view resumes and jobs, and then make real connections to realize that potential. More than 500 people have created profiles on the platform (including 148 from Onward Israel) and 31 companies have posted 110 positions.

    As we evaluate the first iteration of FutureIL we applaud the significant achievement of staging such a large event, the partnerships which have been put into place to achieve this result (in particularly with Masa) and sense and appreciate the clear potential of FutureIL to grow and expand. We also learned a lot from the event itself, in particular around the challenges of being relevant for all participants, not just those who are thinking about  future employment, the length and internal division of the event, and attracting companies to participate. I believe that providing a framework for assistance for those Onward Israel alumni who are interested in working in Israel or working at Israeli companies should be an important part of our larger alumni engagement strategy. For this reason, even though FutureIL reaches significantly beyond Onward Israel, and is increasingly relevant for older populations and new immigrants, I hope that we find the way for Onward Israel to remain involved and central to its development. Over the next couple of months we hope to articulate a vision for the future of this intiative and make key decisions about its development.