• The First Ever Onward Israel Hackathon - 05/30/2019

    Several months ago, the Onward Israel staff suggested that we stage a Hackathon for Onward Israel participants. After a few short months, a partner was identified, Impact Labs, and intensive planning began. The Hackathon was integrated into the menu of choices offered to  participants for their Breakout Seminars and a brief marketing campaign was launched. It turned out that the Hackathon was one of the most popular items on the menu, and some 70 participants, reflecting a wide range of skill sets, have been selected. During the course of eighteen jam packed hours, participants will be asked to solve problems through cooperation and technology in fields as diverse as movement for the disabled, 3D printing in surgery, aid for speech disabled, preventing domestic abuse, mitigating drowning and reducing anxiety. In all cases, real Israeli start-ups are already confronting these challenges; Onward Israel participants will join their efforts- during the course of the Hackathon, and potentially beyond. The Hackathon will be held on July 11-12 in Tel Aviv. If you are in Israel then, please let us know, so we can best coordinate your visit.