• Future IL is almost Present - 05/30/2019

    In previous updates I have written about the Future IL Job and Opportunity Fair. The purpose of Future IL is to foster the connections between young Internationals (among them of course our Onward Israel participants) and Israeli companies, with a lead goal to mutually expose these two groups to future employment opportunities. We know how impactful the summer internship in an Israeli company is on the professional, Israel-related and Jewish identity of the participant; for many, it is the first taste of what may become an ongoing relationship. Future IL leverages that early connection, and other links which can be established, to plant the seed of early career opportunities among young Internationals and Israeli companies. For the last month, we have been working closely with our lead partners at Masa, The Jewish Agency, Israel Experience Inc., Nefesh B’Nefesh, Tamid, Gvahim and Telfed, to recruit companies who see the event as a growth opportunity and a chance to engage international talent. Like with any new project, we have learned that it takes time to establish brand recognition and to secure the companies’ participation, but we are beginning to see some progress. Alongside company recruitment, we are recruiting TED lecturers, workshop leaders and additional opportunities for young people to continue to grow professionally in Israel after Onward Israel. We hope to augment the Onward participants with hundreds of other young Internationals, primarily from Tel Aviv, who will join us at the Exhibition Grounds on June 24. This will be the central event for Onward Israel Summer 2019!

    -Ilan Wagner
    Onward Israel President & CEO