• A Lot of Good Stuff Coming Around the Corner - 04/04/2019

    You should definitely not get the impression that the Future IL event is the only exciting innovation of our upcoming summer. We are excited about new Breakout Shabbaton opportunities, the new framework of the Chug Activities module, in which programs will meet together and participants will be able to use from a number of exciting options, increased Hebrew learning opportunities and more. We are also initiating a hackathon within the context of the Breakout Shabbatonim (this one won’t be on Shabbat of course), to give Onward Israel participants the chance to develop socially beneficial technological solutions. We are also very proud to be partnering with Masa’s  Leadership Academy on new modules that combine internships with leadership development, and welcome Masa’s lead involvement in these new programs. This is an exciting new development in our overall strong and growing partnership with Masa which we hope will include some 2000 participants (out of the total projected 3000) in 2019. Finally I can cite a number of new programs and partnerships we are beginning this year:  in the next issue of Looking Onward I promise to expand upon a few of them.

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