• Q&A with Gabby from Onward Israel Pittsburgh - 08/20/2018

    How’d you hear about Onward Israel?

    I heard about it from a sorority sister at my school, we were talking about doing things for the summer and looking for an internship and she told me that she had a really great experience dong Onward the summer before.

    Where do you go to school?

    I going to be a junior at the University of Pittsburgh. I’m a media and professional communication major, targeting toward digital media. So this has been a great match up and internship.

    How have you found Onward to be different than your Birthright experience? 

    Onward is ALOT different in a good way. Birthright you were constantly moving and didn’t have a lot of time to adjust to the area, it was just on to the next place. With Onward you’re settled in one spot so we can explore on our own time but get to feel more like an actual citizen versus more of a tourist. I’ve been able to find restaurants I like to eat at and activities, I joined a gym. I’ve been able to adjust and it makes me like Israel even more.

    What kind of activities?

    We’ll go to the beach a lot and enjoy time there. I love trying new restaurants so once or twice a week we’re looking up stuff, finding a new place to go. Even just exploring new parts of town. Last week we went to Sarona Market for the first time which was so cool. Just being able to go anywhere on my own time and experience what I want to experience is great.

    Where are you working and what has it been like? 

    I’m working for a company called Legally, they review contracts for people who can’t afford a high paid lawyer or legal service. I’ve been managing all their social media and helping them with marketing. They’re trying to expand to a New York office and because I’m from New York I’ve been able to help them understand the difference between an American market vs. Israeli market. I’ve been designing and creating content for blog posts, all the Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter posts and it’s been a great way to learn different ways of marketing and practicing things I will actually need to know.

    There are three Israeli employees. When they talk to each other it’s mostly in Hebrew but when they communicate with us it’s always English and their English is great so I’m always aware of what I need to be doing.

    It’s always cool when people from different programs end up in the same internship, do you have that here?

    There is one other intern who is also an Onward participant. I started two weeks before him so last week was his first week. I’ve seen him out and about a few times and we talk and hang out. He’s really nice and I definitely enjoy having another intern here.

    What is the biggest takeaway from your internship experience?

    I think going forward looking for more internships I know what I can bring and what my skillsets are. I’ve never had an internship before so it was an adjustment period because I didn’t really know what to expect but now I have more confidence and can use this experience with future jobs and add to my resume.

    What’s been your favorite part of interning in Israel?

    Being on my own in a foreign country I’ve gained so much independence. I don’t even take the busses in Pittsburgh but now I take them in a foreign country where I don’t know what anyone is saying. I was just really proud of myself. This growing experience has really helped me and changed me.